Buffs and Nerfs and New Features in Overwatch!

Overwatch now has a pretty good increase in the number of players because the famous game developer has provided an amazing trailer, this trailer shows that Overwatch will have the latest version, Overwatch 2. Here are Buff and Nerf and New Features in Overwatch!

However, no one knows when the official date and sale of Overwatch 2 will take effect. Overwatch will only update the version from Overwatch 1 (now) to Overwatch 2. The features that are presented are also quite a lot and if you want to play with that feature, then you have to buy an Overwatch License 2. Estimated prices that have been spread on the Overwatch forum, prices to buy the license for 39.99 $ or about 500 thousand rupiah for the Standard Edition.

But this time we put the Overwatch 2 problem aside, the info above is just a glimpse because now we will get to the actual discussion topic.

Recently, on the PTR Overwatch server there have been several changes in the Hero’s skills and abilities which will be a big change for the Hero’s game scheme going forward. Not only presenting a Buff and Nerf, but the developer also presents a new feature where we can wait for the match while playing other modes as well.

In the latest update, Overwatch this time will provide several buffs and nerf as well as the latest features which will be present in the upcoming Overwatch update. Pcurious? Immediately, we see the following explanation in the article below. The discussion will start with Buff and Nerf first.

Buffs and Nerfs and New Features in Overwatch!

All Heroes

-Armor Reduces damage from 3 to 5


-Armor increased from 200> 250 (Buff)

Fusion Driver
-Movement from 30%> 20% (Buff)

Projectile Barrier
-Max HP reduced from 900> 600 (Nerf)

-Cooldown reduced from 10> 8 (Buff)


Experimental Barrier
-Max HP reduced from 1500> 900 (Nerf)
-Regen barrier reduced from 150> 120 (Nerf)

Kinetic Grasp
-Cooldown reduced from 13> 10 (Buff)
-Shield increase from Absorb Damage increased from 40%> 60% (Buff)


Barrier Field
-Max HP reduced from 2000> 1600 (Nerf)
-Movement speed reduced from 50%> 20% (Buff)

-Kockback reduction increased from 30%> 50% (Buff)


Biotic Grasp
-Hal reduced from 4 to 3.25 (Nerf)


Defense Matrix
-Cooldown reduced from 2> 1.5 (Buff)


Grappling Hook
-Cooldown increased from 10> 12 (Nerf)


-Cooldown reduced from 12> 10 (Buff)


-Increased bullet capacity from 24> 30 (Buff)


Partical Cannon (Secondary Attack)
-Brush radius increased from 2> 2.5 (Buff)
-Bullet usage reduced from 25> 20 (Buff)

New Overwatch Features

Have you ever felt really bored if the sedan is looking for a Matchmakin that takes too long? For now, the game developer Overwatch has provided an update where later we can play in Browser Game Mode, Skirmish, Training Mode and Death Match with our party members or alone.


This will make you feel bored when you are looking for a match. Moreover, Competitive Damage matchmaking, looking for Match Damage on Compe can take up to 10 minutes. How do you think about the new overwatch feature?

So, those are some Buffs and Nerfs and New Features in the latest Overwatch on the Overwatch PTR Server. What do you think about this latest buff and nerf? Will the Double Shield meta be death?

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