Booyah Free Fire Special FF Event, There’s DJ Alok FF!

This is a leak of the special Booyah Free Fire event, there is DJ Alok, so we shouldn’t miss all the information on this new event that will be presented later. Because then automatically we will also be better prepared, the same as what will be presented in the future too. We need to know what might come up, all of that must be good and cool.

But of all that is presented in the Free Fire game now, it will definitely be the most interesting thing for us to try to feel. Because there are lots of cool things, and don’t miss the Booyah Free Fire Special Bundle right now. Where in the event, of course, it will really make a lot of fun which is certainly interesting.

Even so, how about in the future? Maybe now you will definitely know all that right now. Curious? we just see the explanation, in the article below.

Leaks for the Booyah Free Fire Special Event There is DJ Alok

So for now, every leak that is present, of course, will bring many interesting things to try. Especially for what Esports I got, it turns out that the Event is indeed related to Booyah in the current Free Fire game. In the event there were also many new things, to be obtained by completing a mission, of course.

Then you need to know a few other things, which if this event is not completely correct either. The point is that the event is not yet complete, it must be completed by completing missions up to 10 times. Period for all these cool missions and prizes, we can get all of them by completing a mission 10 times.


In this event you can also get all the DJ Alok Free Fire Characters, it will become one of the most popular characters right now. Then also know that there are still many other interesting prizes, where later there will be the newest Free Fire Dasha Character prizes that are also relatively new. This new Booyah event is sure to give a better impression.

Not only characters, you can get skins from Pet Rockie Free Fire here. The pet hasn’t appeared yet, but the Skin event is ready to appear and will be presented for free. But the most jackpot of this event is, we can get the Free Fire Elite Pass for free. Now that is the most awaited gift and has always been a mainstay of this.

The news that we get right now, the mission at this event only needs to log in and play a few times. But the event mission is not completely correct, of course. So maybe there are some differences in the mission at the time of this event, it is really present on the Indonesian server. We hope, if the excitement of this leak does appear on this server too.

There are still lots of fun events that you can try, but for now it might be satisfying. There are already Free Characters and Elite Pass too, automatically happy to play the Free Fire game later too.

You can also read the FFIM Peak Day Free Fire Event now, where from this event there are many attractive prizes that you can get later. With this prize too, it will be something that is of course very valuable for us to be able to use when competing in the Free Fire game now.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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