Bleach X ML, Bleach Anime in Mobile Legends 2020!

The Mobile Legends game is one of the best MOBA games on Android. This game also has a very large number of players and is able to compete with the Arena of Valor and Vainglory games. This time there is Bleach X ML, Anime Bleach in the Mobile Legends Game 2020!

There are also a lot of heroes in this game, not only that, each of these heroes has a skin that makes it better than before.

Besides that, there are also lots of interesting features in the Mobile Legends game. Right now, Mobile Legends has entered version 2.0 and presents various kinds very futuristic features.

On the previous few days, a party from Moonton has given a message from within the game stating a survey of anime Bleach.

Who doesn’t know Anime Bleach? Surely those of you who like watching Anime know with Bleach right? Shocking news came from Mobile Legends, because it was rumored that they would enter into a contract with the author of Anime Bleach.

Just like the collaboration between Moonton and SNK, so that Moonton releases limited Skins that you can only get at the collaboration event.

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On this occasion, we have 5 heroes who will likely get the Bleach X ML Skin from the Bleach anime as a sign of their collaboration.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Bleach X ML, Bleach Anime Collaboration in Mobile Legends Game 2020!

  1. Alucard

The Hero Fighter who will receive the Skin from Anime Bleach is Alucard. This hero has a possibility to become Kurosaki Ichigo who is the Main Character in Anime Bleach.

He is a very strong swordsman. So it is appropriate for Alucard to get Ichigo’s character skin in Anime Bleach in the Mobile Legends game. By having this skin, Alucard’s cruelty will be very dangerous in the Land of Dawn.

  1. Argus

Next is Argus who is predicted to get the Ulquiorra Cifer Skin. The appearance of the two characters is almost the same, namely the resemblance of a fallen angel with deadly power.

Argus has a power that can make him immune from death in a few seconds. If Argus gets the Bleach Anime Skin in the Mobile Legends 2020 Game, he will be able to slaughter all the enemies who dare to block his path later.

  1. Aldous

The Hero Bleach X ML that is expected to get a limited skin from Anime Bleach is Aldous. There is a big possibility that Aldous will get and receive the Yasutora Sado Skin.

This is reinforced by the appearance of the two characters. In Anime alone, Yasutora has a right hand that is like a robot hand. Therefore, it is certain that Aldous will get the Skin, because it has the same similarity.

  1. Ling

Next, we have Ling, who is expected to get Skin Limited from the Bleach anime. This Bleach X ML Hero will be a part of the hero who has the Limited Skin, Ling will become Byakuya Kuchiki.

Both of them were real swordsmen who were strong and very agile, Ling was agile because he could avoid enemy attacks by climbing the Wall. Therefore Link deserves the Skin Limited from Anime Bleach.

  1. Bleach X ML, Bleach Anime in the Mobile Legends Game Become Hero Martis

The last Hero Bleach X ML that is thought to get a Skin from Anime Bleach is Martis. As we know, this hero is a user of 2 swords who are very deadly, this is also the same as Kyoraku Shunsui.

He is also a swordsman who uses 2 Swords to attack the enemy. This similarity makes Martis possible to become Kyoraku Shunsui in the Mobile Legends game later.

Those are some heroes who are expected to get Skin Limited from Anime Bleach.

How? For those of you who like to watch Bleach anime and play Mobile Legends games, don’t miss to collect one of these Skins.

Thank you.


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