Biggest Damage Blue Gun Skin for M1014 Free Fire

Free Fire is the best-selling game with the highest number of players at this time. This game always provides innovation by presenting interesting items as well as challenges through FF events and FF maintenance. Weapon skins are also presented in various themes and colors. This time I will provide info about the 2 Biggest Damage Blue Gun Skin for M1014 Free Fire.

Weapons in the FF game are important items to consider as a strategy in each match. When choosing which character and role to play, we must be able to choose weapons that can support our game. In addition, there are weapon skins that are useful for maximizing weapon performance.

For those of you who like to play as a rusher who shoots ferocious bullets, of course the M1014 is one of your shotguns of choice. This weapon has a variety of skins. If you like blue and want a deadly M1014 attack, this article is very important for you to read.

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  • DAMAGE 94
  • RANGE 10

M1014 is a Shotgun type weapon that has a low og fire rate. As a melee weapon, the M1014 is classified as a weapon that has a good level of accuracy. This weapon has high damage of 94.

With this much damage, of course you can get a kill on the first shot. So what if the M1014 damage is increased again? Check out the following article.

Gun Skin M1014 Ice Blue

The next skin is the Ice Blue skin. This skin is available for two weapons, namely KAR98K and M1014 with a light blue and white appearance like the blue color on ice cream. There are only a few shades in the appearance of this skin. This ice cream skin only enhances the appearance of its soft color. You could say this is a skin that is girly for lethal weapons like the M1014.

Skin girly for a deadly weapon like the M1014 this is indeed interesting. Not to mention because this soft colored skin increases weapon damage by two points. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the accuracy of the weapon. However, this deficiency can still be tolerated since the M1014 has a high degree of accuracy.

Gun Skin M1014 Skyline Free Fire

The Biggest Damage Blue Gun Skin for M1014 Free Fire is the Skyline skin. This skin is available for 4 weapons, namely M4A1, UMP, M14, and of course M1014; and is called a skin that can make a player a very deadly killer because this skin increases the damage very much even though it reduces accuracy.

In appearance, this skin wants to present a panoramic view of the earth from above the sky. The blue color of this skin represents a blue sky. In addition, there are white hues depicting clouds. On the M1014 itself, which has a slim body, the hue of the clouds is not very clear.

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Those are 2 M1014 weapon skins that are blue with deadly damage. If you like blue and want the M1014 to be a very deadly weapon, then have a collection of skins on this one. Thank you and booyah!

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