BFD Hitman sensitivity in Maestro Pro Class PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. Requires a long flight time to be able to master various types of weapons, playing techniques, and game technical rules. An instant way to master this is to learn from pro players such as through the Maestro Pro Class. In this second episode, a lesson on the sensitivity setting in BFD Hitman style will be given. Check out the following article.

Various playing techniques to master weapons, rotation, and other game strategies are important things that PUBG Mobile players must master. It takes a long practice to fully master it and become a pro player.

In addition to playing techniques, you can also adjust the technical rules of the game to be able to maximize your performance when competing. One of the most important is about sensitivity. The following are the BFD Hitman-style sensitivity settings presented in the Maestro Pro Class.

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BFD Hitman-style sensitivity settings in the Maestro Pro Class

The second episode of Maestro Pro Class will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 18.00 WIB. Presenting Bonafide (BFD) Hitman the terminator who will give us tips on setting the sensitivity he uses in playing PUBG Mobile.

The points he conveyed in Maestro Pro Class episode 2 this time are as follows.

1. Sensitivity Settings

The first is that BFD Hitman uses a high level of sensitivity adjustment to get faster reflexes. With fast reflexes, it will make you more alert in reading the situations that occur on the field.

2. Gyro On or Off

BFD Hitman activates the gyroscope again to get faster reflexes and of course to maximize performance for reading situations.

3. Tricks Maximizing ADS

For the problem of ADS settings, BFD Hitman said that there are no fixed rules or measurements. To get the best and most comfortable rules, you can practice until you get a size that is comfortable for you. Especially in stabilizing the recoil of the weapons used.

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That’s an important pro player-style lesson given by BFD Hitman regarding the sensitivity rules he uses in playing PUBG Mobile. Stay tuned for other important lessons in the next episode of Maestro Pro Class. Thank you!

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