Better to use flanker Jota or Kelly Free Fire?

There are many characters in Free Fire that you can use, and you can also take advantage of the skills and weapons in this game. Each character has a different way of playing for you to use, and a choice of weapons that you can try out. With so many mix-ups that you can try, there are many ways to play. Here we will discuss about the characters in Free Fire and how to play them too.

Each character in Free Fire is very unique, because they have different skills to use. You can take advantage of the skills they have while playing, to attack enemies or arrange strategies such as the FF role flanker. Each skill is also different, some are active and some are passive. The effect it has depends on the character you are using. So it’s a good idea to read the details of the characters you have.

One of the characters who could become a Flanker is Kelly and Jota. They both have very strong skills as Flankers, because they can attack enemies easily from behind the enemy. The skills they have are very strong with the buffs they get. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that you get when you use these two characters. In comparison, who is better at carrying out this more perfect flanker free fire technique ?.

Here we will discuss about the Better Flanker Character Jota or Kelly Free Fire. Both of these characters have good skills as Flankers, but they have advantages and disadvantages. So we will give details about these two characters.

Flanker Is Better Character Jota Or Kelly

Flanker is a role whose job is to attack the back of the enemy, without being aware of the enemy himself. By attacking the enemy from behind, They will panic and break the formation. Not only that, if Flanker manages to get you, you will also get an advantage in the number of squads.

Many characters can become Flank, one of them is Jota and Kelly. Both of these characters can be very strong flankers. The skills they have, help in attacking enemies and running away from enemies as well. It depends on how you play too.


Flanker Character Is Better Jota Or Kelly Free Fire

Jota is a character who can give heal, if he kills. You can get heal when you kill, but you have to pay attention to the CD. Jota’s skill has a CD on each activity, so you have to be careful.

With this skill, Jota can attack the enemy well and keep his blood healthy. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Jota:


+) Not easy to die

+) Selection of strong Weapons

+) Easy to use


-) Weapon Lock

-) Long enough CD


Kelly is a character who can do the Sprint quickly. His sprint is faster than other characters. You can run behind the enemy quickly, then


+) Can Run From Enemies quickly

+) Flank quickly

+) Flexible Weapons


-) Defenseless without Armor

-) Hard Against Many People

That’s the info about the better Flanker, Jota or Kelly Free Fire character that you can try. Both characters are very strong against Flankers, but have their own advantages. If you want something more tanky, you can use Jota. However, if you are the agile type, you can use Kelly. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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