Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

There are a lot of heroes in the Mobile Legends game, besides that they also have their respective roles and abilities to defeat the enemy. These heroes have their own advantages and disadvantages, therefore you also have to be able to use them to the fullest. This time there is the Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

Using a Hero, it will be incomplete if you don’t install a Build. This Item Build will add Stats to the Hero you are currently using. The more items used, the higher the hero’s stat.

On this occasion, we will discuss one of the Assassin Heroes that Banned has subscribed to because of his agility, he is Ling. This hero has the ability that is quite painful and annoying, the Burst Damage given is very large. If he is dying, then he easily escapes up the Wall and leaves.

But this hero will also not be optimal without a Build, in this discussion we will provide a Build for Hero Ling to become the best Assassin in 2020 now.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

Warrior Boots

Shoe items are one of the items that will add speed to the hero who uses them, Ling really has to wear Warrior Boots.

This is because Warrior Boots doesn’t just add Movement Speed.

Ling is an Assassin hero who has a weak defense, so it’s not wrong to use the Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends on this one.

Berseker Fury

Heroes who have Burst Damage like Ling must have this one item, because the Damage during Critical Hit will be greater than before.

Skill 2 Ling has already gotten a Critical Hit right away, but this one item will also make each Basic Attack issue a Critical Hit so it kills the enemy quickly.

Endless Battle

Incomplete if there are no Life Steal items, we would rather advise you to Build the Best Ling ML Item for 2020 Mobile Legends using Endless Battle. Because the greater the damage given, the greater the Life Steal received.

This item also adds a lot of stats which are quite useful for Ling, compared to Has Claw which only has 1 additional stat.

Rose Gold Meteor

This item is quite unique, because when you are dying a Shield will appear which prevents you from dying quickly. This item will also increase the Magic, Physical and Life Steal that this Ling hero has.

This item is suitable for those of you who want to survive Open War even later.

Malefic Roar

Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends this one is the weakness of all Tank heroes. You don’t need to worry, because even the hardest tank hero defense can be penetrated with this one item.

In addition, this item can help you push the turret faster than usual.

Blade of Despair

This last item is the core item of Hero Ling, because it can increase the maximum damage to the hero later. This item will add a fairly large total physical attack.

Even the Passive effect will add more damage to heroes who have HP below 50%.

Corrosion Scythe (alternative)

This is what can be an alternative choice when you use Ling. This item will make Ling’s attack slow down. So, it becomes easier for you to attack your enemy, especially the skills he has most of the movement skills. So that the enemy will find it difficult to run from him.

Those are some of the recommended items for Hero Ling in 2020 now. Even so, you Ling users must also accept the Nerf hero. It was rumored that Nerf Ling was quite bad.

That’s all we can say, Thank you.


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