Best Hero Marksman ML March 2020 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a very well-known Android Moba game, as well as being the best Moba to beat Arena of Valor. This game already has many interesting things, as well as unique features that can be used by the players. There are various types of players in this game, making Mobile Legends quite colorful. This time there is the Best Marksman ML Hero for March 2020 Mobile Legends

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game often presents big Tournaments. Even in Indonesia itself, there are already a lot of Pro Players who were born and proud of the Indonesian State in the International arena. Ordinary players can also do this, but must be able to master the game even more.

If you want to show your skills in playing this Mobile Legends game, then you have to play in ranked mode. Because in this mode, your playing skills will really be tested. If you lose, of course the Rank will go down. But if you win, then your rank will increase.

Apart from that, there are various choices of mobile legends roles that you can use in this game. One of them is a hero with Role Marksman.

Now on this occasion we will provide several choices of the Best Marksman ML Hero for March 2020 Mobile Legends

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Best Hero Marksman ML March 2020 Mobile Legends

  1. Bruno

You could say, Bruno is now the King of Marksman in the Mobile Legends game. His deadly kick is very painful, it can even make enemies now quickly in the early game. In addition, the Ultimate from this hero will interfere with enemy movements.

So that they also will not be able to gather, because the closer it is, the faster the bounce of the ulti ball. Damage from Bruno’s Skill 1, can make Marskman die with just one kick. Use Bruno properly, in order to win the match.

  1. Wanwan

After getting Nerf and Buff, this second best ML Marksman Hero still exists in Ranked. Wanwan has enormous ability and damage, and can even avoid the very dangerous Crowd Control effect.

In addition, this hero’s Ultimate Skill has a Chain Reaction effect. Where when he succeeds in killing the enemy using Ultimate, Wanwan will attack other enemies. The damage from this hero is very large, so it’s so bad that it allows Wanwan to survive in the late game.

  1. Best ML Marksman Hero Claude

Marksman who is accompanied by a Monyek named Dexter is indeed very strong, Claude and Dexter are true friends. The ability of this hero is very strong, even if he has a high number of stacks.

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The damage from this hero is also very large, it can even kill enemies on a large scale using its Ultimate. In addition, Claude can escape using Skill 2. In fact, he can also teleport back, where he originally teleported.

  1. Moskov

This hero with a spear shot becomes a Marksman who is quite often used now, Moskov has unique abilities and great damage. Even if you are good at using Skill 1, the Attack Speed ​​of this hero will be very fast.

Combine it with the Attack Speed ​​item, then this hero damage will be bigger and kill the enemy quickly. In addition, Moskov has the ultimate skill that throws the spear from end to end. This you can use, to steal lords if you are lucky.

So, those are some of the Best Marksman ML Heroes for March 2020 Mobile Legends before the Season ends. How? Is your hero on the list this time?

That’s all, Thank you.


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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