Best Hero Jungler Counter Meta Marksman (MM) in Mobile Legends (ML), Don’t Know!

Mobile Legends (ML) has just released the latest major patch update on December 15, 2020. This makes some pro players and writers think that META Mobile Legends will change significantly.

As discussed by AE.Celiboy, EVOS.Caramel, and GEEK.Frieza, they predict that the jungler position in the Mobile Legends (ML) Season 19 meta will be filled by Marksman (MM).

This happens because of the nerf of buffs obtained from jungle monsters, so junglers cannot only have buffs at all times. And this has been seen with the increasing popularity of MM heroes such as Claude, Yi Sun Shin, Brody, and Bruno.

But there is one best jungler hero for MM meta jungler counter in Mobile Legends (ML). You must be shocked! The hero is Zilong, seriously. There is 3 point below what you need to know about Zilong adn why this hero is an effective counter of MM jungler meta ML heroes at this time.

zilong hero anti counter meta mobile legends

1. Hero Assassin That Does Not Rely On Buff

Meta Assassin Season 18 like Ling, Lancelot, and Hayabusa are starting to fade. This is because these heroes are very dependent on the blue buff to reduce energy use and cooldown reduction to be able to effectively roam. Due to the absence of the heroes above, the Marksman (MM) hero is more flexible to pick and safer to shoot from afar.

However, Zilong is a hero who doesn’t depend on buffs, so he can continue roaming without needing to do a little buffing first.

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2. The opponent’s hero jungler doesn’t use Purify

In Season 18 and before, Zilong was less effective because the opponent’s hero only had to use purify and he would be free from the arrogance of Zilong’s skill 1. But with the obligatory hero jungler to use retribution in Season 19, they will be very vulnerable to Zilong’s penetrating and prying skills. So that if the MM hero doesn’t have a back-up tank nearby, Zilong will easily pick him up.

3. Hero MM and mage support can die with only 1 combo burst

Zilong is an Assassin hero who relies on burst combos. With the ultimate, stab skill 2, skill 1, and very fast auto attack; MM heroes and opponent mage support will die in an instant. You can see in the video below where a Zilong can 1 hit Claude’s combo very easily:

Skill 2 Zilong is very overpowered (OP), when a hero / minion dies by Zilong, his cooldown skill 2 will be reset. This is exacerbated by Zilong wearing an emblem Assassin – Killing Spree. Which means that once he kills the opponent’s MM or mage, he will get 20% HP and additional movement speed. So because of that Zilong just needs to clean up his opponent easily because of the combination of skill 2 and the Killing Spree emblem.

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Note: For those of you who want to try Zilong, don’t forget it is very important to use the settings hero lock. All Zilong skills are single target, so make sure you direct your skills to the core hero or soft opponent support first.

Mobile legends ml hero lock settings

Are you confused about meta marksman (MM)? Don’t be afraid, because now there is a Zilong hero who can counter them all. And the good news is, there are still many who underestimate Zilong’s hero. So you can surprise your opponent’s MM with Zilong’s pick, which is the best meta jungler hero counter in Mobile Legends (ML).

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