Best Headshot Technique Using Thompson in Free Fire (FF)

When using the SMG, shooting an enemy in the head should be easy for you. Shooting the enemy to the head will give you a huge damage. And as a result, you can kill your enemy faster in close range. The thompson in Free Fire is an SMG with a high rate of fire and higher accuracy than other SMG in Free Fire. With the accuracy that it has, the thompson can make you aim for a headshot easier in a battle. So here we have some of the best headshot technique using the thompson in Free Fire.

Best Headshot Technique Using Thompson in Free Fire

Proper aiming

If you want to shoot the enemy to the head accurately and consistently, make sure that you have a good aiming skill. If you don’t Free Fire has an aim assist feature that you can use to help you aim towards your enemy better in Free Fire. But despite the aim assist is available for you to use in Free Fire, aiming skill is still an important skill to have in Free Fire.

Firing position

Firing position can also be important to know if you want to headshot with the thompson in Free Fire. You need to make sure that you’re in a higher ground, or at least you’re above the enemy position. If you’re in a higher position than your enemy, then it should be easier for you to aim for a headshot in the game.

Get used to aiming towards the head

By having the habit of shooting the enemy, you can increase your headshot rate in the game. When you’re in a battle with your enemy, make sure that you’re aiming towards its head. It’s okay to miss the first couple of shots, because creating a habit takes time and practice. With this habit, you can increase your aiming skill and a headshot shouldn’t be that difficult to you anymore.

Jump shot

This trick can actually help you shoot your enemy to the head accurately. Jump shot can help you headshot even better towards the enemy that is near your position. By having a little bit of an elevation, you can headshot easier using the thompson in Free Fire.

Flick shot

The flick shot can also be useful to go for a headshot with the thompson. However, flick shot requires reflex and great timing to execute. It also requires some skill that you need to practice first in order to flick properly.

And that’s some of the tips to headshot using the thompson in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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