Best Attachment for AKM PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that has a more serious style of play and excellent weapon details. Even though so many players have a hard time choosing weapons and attachments because there are too many attachments. This time we will provide tips on the best attachments for AKM weapons.

Weapons are an important part of the strategy that PUBG Mobile players must prepare. Choosing the right weapon will maximize your performance in the game. Therefore knowing weapon stats and so on is the basic knowledge that every PUBG Mobile player must have.

The problem is that PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons and also various types of attachments. This makes it difficult for PUBG Mobile players to determine which attachments can be used for the weapons they are carrying. Finding out which ones can be used is difficult, let alone determining which is the best attachment.

Now for those of you who like to use AKM weapons, this time we will provide tips on what are the best attachments for AKM weapons.


AKM is an Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon with a 7.62mm bullet type. This weapon with a high rate of fire has painful damage. The initial magazine for this weapon was 30 bullets with 3 attachment slots.

The drawback of this weapon is the recoil that is not friendly to the hands of beginners. With 3 attachment slots, we must maximize the use of the right attachments in order to maximize the performance of AKM weapons. Here are the best attachments for AKM weapons.

1. Compensator

This muzzle type attachment will make the AKM weapon recoil more stable.

2. Extended Quickdraw Magazine

This magazine type attachment will allow AKM to have a magazine full of 40 bullets. The advantages of this attachment can also speed up the reloading time of weapons.

3. Scope

This one attachment is actually only conditional for those of you who want to play with a longer distance. You can use 4x scope or 6x scope.

Those are the tips regarding the best attachments that you can use on AKM. By using these attachments, AKM’s performance will be maximized. Thank you!

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