Bermuda FF Rework Hangar on Advance Server Free Fire May 2020!

Until now, games on Android will continue to experience many new and interesting developments. For example, it’s like the Free Fire game, where in the past this game was quite unsold and rarely played by many people. This is because the games that are present have a gameplay and a bored look to try. So this time there is something new, namely the FF rework Bermuda hangar on the Advance Server Free Fire May 2020 that you can try.

Garena himself has completely overhauled the Free Fire game to be better than before. For now too, there are some Unique Facts about the Old Free Fire. Where all of you, will definitely feel nostalgic when playing the game Free Fire from the past.

For now too, Garena will still provide lots of new events which are quite interesting for all of you. So later on, you will never feel bored playing this game.

At this very moment, we have all been presented with many places to make Landing. Even one of the Locations for Finding Groza now, has gotten a rework. The location, which was reworked by Garena, is the Airplane Hangar in Free Fire. To try the rework, you can immediately download this mei 2020 advance ff server apk

You can already feel this rework in the Advanced Server. So those of you who have registered, can immediately try to enter and try the changes that occur.

Are you curious about what is in the rework? Immediately we see in the article below.

Free Fire Hangar Location Rework on Advanced Server

  1. Hangar Towers Become More Sturdy With A Lot Of Steel

The first change in this location is in the Hangar Tower section, where in this section there is only a change in the addition of steel which is quite strong. The initial appearance of this Tower, did look like an ordinary stone wall.

But now, it’s finally reinforced with steel that looks very thick and strong. Don’t forget to look for looting items here, because reportedly there are many opportunities to get the best looting items available today.

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  1. Multiple Location Fixes

In this Hangar map, it turns out that there are several locations that many players are having trouble with. Maybe because it’s often open, or other problems. Until now, Garena has fixed the problem.

This rework does not completely change the Map, but there are times when it also fixes the Location. So that way, you might feel a new change in this location.

  1. Remove Bugs

Now one of the reasons this map is exposed to a rework, it turns out that there is a bug that is quite detrimental. Because later on, in one of the Hangars you will be able to break through the wall and become invisible. Of course, this will be detrimental to the enemy and profitable for yourself.

Because of things like this, finally Garena immediately fixed the location on the advanced server. As well as giving, a rework at this location. For now, there are Reasons for Banned Free Fire that must be known. One of them, overuse of the Bug.

  1. There is less grass in this location

As we know, Hangar is the location of the Bermuda map which has the most grass. So that you, too, will definitely find it easier to hide or find it more difficult to find enemies. But for now, there is a rework that affects this.

The location of this Hangar, the grass has been reduced in height and total grass. So all of you, of course, it will feel fairer to be in this location later.

  1. Containers Reproduced By Garena

Finally, you will see a very significant new change in this location. Previously, at this location there were quite a few containers provided. But for the Advanced server, apparently Garena started adding more.

So that you will find many other new things in the Container later. Because going forward, these containers provide lots of other cool items. In fact, there will also be, Free Fire’s Deadly Weapon for now.

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The changes that are given in the Map, are indeed seen from the total requests of the players and the plans that have been wanted to be carried out. So if the player agrees, then Garena will make some new changes.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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