Benedetta Nerf Going Out of Your Way in Mobile Legends 1.5.44

Mobile Legends 1.5.44 has been officially released by Moonton on the Advanced Server recently, in this update, Moonton provides a row of heroes who get buff and nerf in Mobile Legends. One of them is Nerf Benedetta which is quite severe.

Benedetta herself has only been on the Original Server for a month, this one hero is indeed very OP and has become the newest meta hero. The ability of Benedetta’s hero is undoubtedly, you can win the match easily.

But on the latest Mobile Legends patch 1.5.44, this one hero will get the latest nerf which will make him get a performance decrease of up to 50%, So curious about the nerf?

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the all-out nerf that will be given to the hero Benedetta in Mobile Legends. Regarding nerf, it seems like it will make Benedetta enter the lower tier hero.

Information for Nerf Benedetta Mobile Legends 1.5.44

Benedetta On Nerf All Out In Mobile Legends 1.5.44

Benedetta herself is a very OP hero, but unfortunately, this one hero must end soon in the next Mobile Legends 1.5.44. Which Moonton nerf gives to passive skills and skill 1 as follows.


  • Base Full Damage When Charger Basic Attack: 50> 0
  • Decay Ratio of Damage to minions: 40%> 50%


  • Base Slash Damage: 100-220> 50-150

Moonton realizes that Benedetta is still one of the most powerful and OP heroes in all fields, from early games to late games, this one hero is very capable.

However, in the latest update of Mobile Legends 1.5.44, Moonton tries to reduce some of Benedetta’s abilities so that the balance of other heroes. Therefore, they gave Benedetta a weakness in the early to mid game.

Then for those of you who are curious why Benedetta got a significant nerf on her passivity reduced to 0? Full Base Damage When Charger Basic Attack: 50> 0. Regarding this, Benedetta actually still has damage output.

Previously, the Attack Charger attack received an additional damage of 50. Now this time the nerf is reduced to 0. So Benedetta only relies on basic basic attacks to provide damage from Basic Attack Charged so that it doesn’t give so big an attack on her opponent.

This nerf is indeed quite excessive and can even make this one hero not very popular later. However, nerf is given so that this one hero is balanced and doesn’t often appear on the Banned list.

So what do you think about the nerf given to the hero Benedetta on the latest Mobile Legends patch 1.5.44. Hopefully the nerf won’t make Benedetta lose her true player.

Regarding this, it is likely to come in February, but make sure that you are currently playing the hero Benedetta as much as possible so as not to be disappointed if this latest patch note is available on the Original Server.

That’s all the information about Mobile Legends 1.5.44 which nerfed the hero Benedetta in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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