Basic Attack Smart Targeting ML, New Mobile Legends Feature

Mobile Legends will have the latest update, patch 1.4.90. In this latest patch, there are a lot of updated features, both in terms of gameplay, features, heroes, battle equipment items, to the Mobile Legends system. The update that is present in Patch 1.4.90 of Mobile Legends makes this game made by Moonton even better and makes the players more comfortable playing. Moonton has prepared a new Mobile Legends control mode, Basic Attack Smart targeting which will be coming later.

The latest control feature that has been provided by Moonton is currently in the testing phase on the Mobile Legends advanced server. All the features in patch 1.4.90 are also being tested whether they are feasible and perfect or not so that when the release on the original server is in a very good patch condition.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the new Mobile Legends control method, Basic Attack Smart Targeting which is present at Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.90 Mobile Legends in detail. For those of you who are curious and want to find out more about the latest control method in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the reviews below properly and correctly!

Basic Attack, Smart Targeting, New Mobile Legends Features

This new control method is called Basci Attack Smart Targeting. This control mode was designed by Moonton with the aim of helping its players to more easily use basic attacks on their target opponents. With the presence of this latest feature, it will be easier for you to determine the basic attack direction to the desired target.

This control method will be present in the latest Mobile Legends patch, patch 1.4.90, which is currently still being tested on the Advanced Mobile Legends server. You can use the latest control method in gameplay by activating it in settings. You can choose Basic Attack Smart Targeting to activate it.


How to Use Basic Attack Smart Targeting Quite Easy!

To use the latest Mobile Legends control method, you only need to press the basic attack while aiming at your target opponent. So with the presence of this feature, you won’t be the wrong target even though there are minions. You can direct it directly to the intended target.

Just like the smart targeting skill which was a new feature before, this one feature also allows you not to attack carelessly so you can attack the enemy easily even when you are on the enemy’s back line.

With the presence of this method, of course the features in Mobile Legends gameplay are more complete and make the players more comfortable. If used properly and correctly, you can lock enemies easily through the latest control method in Mobile Legends.

This Smart Targeting Basic Attack is perfect for heroes who stick to their basic attacks, for example, a hero with a Marksman role in Mobile Legends.

Now that’s an explanation of the new control features Basic Attack Smart Targeting in Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful by being a good reference source for you.

For those of you who are interested in trying to experience the latest Mobile Legends control features, please be patient to use patch 1.4.90, which is present on the original Mobile Legends server!

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