BARBARR Enter Epsilon Main Squad

Andre “BARBARR” Möller has officially become a member of the Epsilon CS: GO team, having previously only been on the bench since early September.

Barbarr became a backup for the Epsilon team before the team he was defending, namely Escape Gaming, was disbanded. During his time as a reserve, Epsilon managed to qualify for the European Minor Championship tournament, and recently they finished third in the Minor tournament in Bucharest.

“Barbarr has the enthusiasm and leadership that can lift the team to a higher level. We are very excited to continue traveling with him. ” says Epsilon coach Christian “Chrille” Lindberg.

Epsilon is still one player short following the departure of disco Doplan, who was recently pulled back to the Fnatiac team. The Epsilon team said “it hasn’t been decided who our 5th player will be.”

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