Are you including Noob or Pro Player on PUBG Mobile? Find the answer here!

When playing PUBG Mobile, it is divided into two types of players, namely pro players and noob players. Pro players do not have to be players who join an esports team, but have enough skills that are above average or have abilities that noob players do not have.

Being a noob player is not something that should be embarrassed, because it could be that the noob player is playing PUBG Mobile, which is to find fun, not to play in a competitive direction. It is not uncommon for you to find many players who are upset, angry, and even feel their moods are shattered when they lose playing the PUBG Mobile game.

So, to distinguish what the characteristics of a noob and pro player look like, see the explanation below!

Are you including Noob or Pro Player on PUBG Mobile? Find the answer here!

Place Down Without a Strategy


Pro players will definitely think about the possibilities when they want to determine where to land. Usually they will say something like “Just get down here, it’s lonely a lot of loot” “Let’s be barbaric, let’s get off here, okay?”

As for the noob player, he will drop wherever he likes. Not thinking about the possibilities that will happen to him. If it’s safe, thank goodness, if they die first they just give up.

Unfortunately, noob players are also consumed because they are consumed by an abundance of loot places, so they just come down to places with abundant loot without knowing that the area is an area with a high level of popularity. In the end, they died for nothing because of the long looting process.

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Hindustaan ‚Äč‚ÄčTimes

Pro players will definitely rotate by using a vehicle to avoid attacks from enemies and quickly find a place to be used as protection and defense for themselves and their team. The pro players before rotating have also determined where they will stop.

Meanwhile, noob players usually don’t use the vehicle for rotation for fear of the sound of their vehicle being heard by the enemy. However, when using a vehicle they also don’t have where to go, so they just go around the zone.

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Pro players usually carry a lot of scope which will be adjusted according to their needs. For close to medium ranges, they will use red dot or holographic while long distances they will use a 2x to 8x scope.

Whereas noob players, for short and long distances usually use 1 scope. For example, for close combat, you still use a 4x scope, which will make it difficult for the player to move itself, while long distances also use a 4x scope.

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Aiming Skill

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For close combat, pro players usually shoot while opening their red dot and holographic scope or 2x scope so that the recoil is more stable and the bullet spread is less so that the bullets actually enter the enemy properly.

Meanwhile, noob players, usually when they do close combat, forget or even never open the scope, and in the end, many of them lose their shot and then die by the enemy.



Pro players of course use a strategy by thinking about what possibilities will happen to him or his team, so that the strategy is made carefully. As for the noob player? The only thing on their mind is “what’s important to the safe zone”. So that you don’t think about how things will happen in the future.

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Based on our explanation above, are you a pro player or a noob player? Thank you for listening!

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