AoV’s Best Marksman Hero for Abyssal Lane

There is AoV’s Best Marksman Hero for Abyssal Lane that you can use. As we know, Abyssal lane or better known as safelane in AoV is the most dynamic lane. In this lane, the early game will often be filled with confusion from midlanes and assassins who try to shut down their respective enemy MMs.

MM will certainly receive protection from support, mage, and assassin, even though sometimes in some cases he will be left alone. Some MMs have different playing styles ranging from aggressive, passive, and even MM roaming.

This time we will list the best MM heroes who are often picked and have high winrate at high rank. For that, you guys try to see what heroes are AoV’s best MM.


Joker is a very unique MM hero. The Joker himself has two roles that he can take, namely MM lane AOV and roaming observer. Joker has a very high burst damage that even the enemy can be shot once.

The Joker is also very feared on the lane until he gets the nickname “anti-MM” because the joker’s skill set is very feared by the enemy MMs and is sure to win against other MMs.


Yorn is AoV’s classic AoV Best Marksman Hero who is often insulted by many people because some Yorn auto-pickers are very noob players. But the current meta and Yorn who got buffeted so badly made him very strong as an MM even at a high rank.

One of Yorn’s difficulties is that she doesn’t have escape and survival skills. This made Yorn obliged to be protected. If Yorn’s support and team are very strong to protect him, thanks to Yorn’s passive he can produce the highest damage of all heroes.

AoV VIOLET’s Best Marksman Hero

Violet is AoV’s Best Marksman Hero who is very sick thanks to the self-buff from her skills and a rather long shooting distance. It is difficult to reach because it often rolls over to make it quite hated by many enemy heroes.

Best Marksman Hero Arena of Valor For Abyssal LaneVio is also able to kill any enemy hero if his crit is on. This makes him very strong even against tanks. Vio also has quite high mobility, something that is rarely owned by other MMs.

Best Hero Marksman AoV ELSU

Being able to kill enemies from a distance of 1/4 map makes Elsu very feared even outside the camera screen. The Best Marksman Hero AoV Elsu has very high raw damage thanks to his passive and very high armor piercing which makes him able to kill tanks.

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One drawback of Elsu is that the ASPD is quite low, making it less picked by many people. But with the right build and position, Elsu can be the highest DPS in the game.


Hayate is AoV’s Best Marksman Hero for Abyssal Lane which is often referred to as MM anti-tank.

This is thanks to its passive which can give pure damage which can even crit !. Having high mobility and high DPS make him often picked up in all ranks.

Arena of Valor’s Best Marksman Hero for Abyssal Lane Hayate is also very strong against many heroes when team fight thanks to his ult. If guarded by friends and not hit by CC, Hayate can wipe out all enemies.

those are some of the best MM heroes in AoV. Having different playing styles makes MM very suitable depending on the situation and the form of the team. This hero who is effective at high rank will also make it easier for you to rank your game.


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