Antimage Use Khaleed Mobile Legends Three Times Against Offlaner RRQ Hoshi ML!

Antimage is an offlaner from ONIC Esports who performed brilliantly in the ONIC Esports vs RRQ Hoshi match yesterday. But behind using the Khaleed hero three times in a row used by Antimage yesterday there seems to be an element of compulsion. This is the reason the anti mage uses the Khaleed hero three times in the match against RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID Season 6.

The Mobile Legends Professional League is currently being discussed by Indonesian gamers, to be precise at The Royal Derby yesterday, ONIC Esports won the match against RRQ Hoshi with a score of 2-1.

This match is a long-awaited match, one of the players from ONIC Esports, Antimage, played very well against R7 and Lemon on the offlaner side.

Yes, if you noticed in the first match, both R7 and Lemon also had a hard time fighting Antimage when using the Khaleed hero as their flagship hero. But behind using this hero, apparently Antimage was forced to use Khaleed by the Coach.

Maxhill Leonardo or who is often called Antimage usually plays with the hero Thamuz or Yu Zhong as the mainstay hero on the offlaner side, but in the match of The Royal Derby yesterday, Antimage used the hero Khaleed three times in a row.

After the match ended, Antimage admitted that he did not want to use the Khaleed hero, which he said, to use the fighter hero was the coach’s compulsion.

“The coach ordered! Actually I don’t want to use Khaleed, ”explained Antimage quoted on the One Esports page.

Even so, it must be admitted that Khaleed is indeed one of the new fighter heroes who are very reliable on the offlaner side. Starting from the ability to defend, damage and also roaming speed is very good in Mobile Legends.

Khaleed has a defensive skill in his second skill that can regen and provide a shield that is resistant to enemy attacks, for his own roaming ability lies in his passive ability to ride the sand to roam faster.

Not only that, the ultimate skill which is very suitable for harassing your opponent is also very strong and has a very large burst of damage from skill one which is also owned by Khaleed.


Antimage admits that indeed Khaleed is one of the heroes that can be included in the latest Meta Mobile Legends now, this one hero is indeed very reliable in the early game and is suitable for fast gameplay.

“In my opinion, in the early game Khaleed is very important, at level 1 alone, Khaleed can be very strong in Mobile Legends,” explained Max.

It is true that one new hero can enter the Mobile Legends meta, this is proven when played by antimage against R7 which is Indonesia’s best offlaner at the moment, and managed to corner him when using Yu Zhong, not only that, when Lemon used Balmond he was successfully made to withdraw. by Khaleed used by Antimage.

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