Among Us X Free Fire, Is There Really a Collaboration Event?

AMONG US X FREE FIRE, is there an event? this time we will discuss the hot topic of free fire which will collaborate with us. As we know, free fire often holds collaborative events, especially with famous and hyper characters at that time.

For example, during Free Fire X Ragnarok, which Ragnarok is a world-famous RPG game to date. In addition, you can also find the latest collaboration from Garena Free Fire Thailand in collaboration with an urban railway company, namely BMN. In cooperation with free fire x MRT you also find some other interesting things

So, what about among us X free fire, which is a hot topic of conversation this time around? We’ll go into the details


On an Instagram named @ FFROOM04 you get pictures of cooperation from free fire x among us. Where you can see there are characters among us who look the same as the free fire character.

You can see Kelly as a character among us with her characteristic yellow shirt and bangs and so on.

In addition there is a maxim character with glasses and a blue shirt which is his trademark. Unfortunately, it’s orange and not white or gray. Obviously, gray or white is maximally cute and mushroom-like which is his specialty.

Not Collaboration, But Fan Art

So, from esports, I conclude that this is not a collaborative event among us X free fire, but only a fan art created by free fire players.

On Instagram there is an FFROOM4 watermark which may be the owner of the image. So, if you want to know more about fan art from among us x free fire, you can go to Instagram FFROOM04 right away!

So, we emphasize that this is not a collaboration or the latest event between us and free fire, but only a work of free fire players or their fans.

Will there be AMONG US X Free Fire?

For this matter, from the esports side, I can’t answer it clearly. This is because Garena, as a free fire developer, has not confirmed this. So, in the future, we are just waiting for this collaboration event.

After all, it’s funny if there is an oval-shaped bundle like the character among us that free fire players can use during matches. Even if there is an event, you have to get this bundle!

Just like that, we discussed about this event which reportedly was very warm among the free fire players and among us. Greetings booyah

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