All FF Zones For New Free Fire 2020 Players

There are all FF Zones for New Free Fire 2020 players that you should know. Free fire players must already know that by playing the Free Fire game, you will feel a different sensation compared to other games. This game, which was developed directly by Garena, is of course always presented with a variety of interesting and cool updates for its players. So those of you who are still playing the game, of course, will get a variety of new and interesting things.

Even now, there are still various kinds of new updates that will be even more interesting in the future. Garena Free Fire now has a total player with hundreds of millions more from all corners of the world. With this huge total, Garena will still maintain this number and will even increase it again later.

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Getting here, the Free Fire game is starting to be busy playing and there are already many new players who have appeared in this game. Of course, every new player doesn’t really understand what’s in the Free Fire game. One of them is the Zone, which will appear on the existing match map.

On this occasion we will provide some information and explanation about the free fire zone.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Typing All FF Zones For New Free Fire 2020 Players

Each zone in this game, of course, has different meanings and functions. So you have to be able to find out, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Zone. The following are some of the meanings.

  1. Red zone

This first zone, is a zone that is quite dangerous and you shouldn’t have any open areas in the Zone. Within this Zone, you must be able to find shelter and you must be able to quickly find shelter.

Because in this Free Fire Red Zone, you will be attacked with quite a lot of Bombs. Even you can die silly, if you are outside when the Red Zone is in progress.

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  1. Free Fire Blue Zone

So if this blue zone, it will only appear in ranked mode. Even this zone will only appear at the beginning of the match, so if you have to get off the plane and immediately reach the zone, of course.

In this blue free fire zone, of course, you will receive a lot of benefits that can be obtained. Various high level items, interesting weapons and much more. Of course you can get it, but be careful because there are many players who drop in this place.

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  1. Temporary and End Zones (Safe and Unsafe Zones)

This last zone is the zone that determines the start and end of the match, of course this zone will shrink over time. Of course in this section, you will know the Safe and Unsafe Zones.

If the Zone is in the Circle, it means it is a safe Zone. But if the Zone is outside the circle, it means it is an unsafe zone. If you are outside the circle, then you will receive damage slowly.

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So that’s some information about the Zone in this Free Fire game. How? Do you already understand the meaning of the zone?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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