After Buff, This Hero Deserves Meta in Season 19 of Mobile Legends (ML)

Regarding meta heroes, it will always change every time, this is intended so that Mobile Legends players don’t get bored of the same heroes, now this hero deserves meta in Season 19 of Mobile Legends (ML), here are a number of reasons.

The hero who deserves to be a meta in Season 19 of Mobile Legends is Grock, this one hero is indeed famous for his super tanky abilities but with enormous damage. Hero Grock hasn’t entered meta in Mobile Legends for a long time.

On this occasion, Esportsku will give you several reasons why Grock’s hero deserves to be a meta in Season 19 of Mobile Legends. So for you tank users, you should use Grock from now on.

The reason Grock deserves to be met in Season 19 of Mobile Legends

After Buff, This Hero Deserves Meta in Season 19 of Mobile Legends (ML)

Get Buff in Mobile Legends

In the previous patch note, Grock got the latest buff in Mobile Legends, this buff increases the Physical Bonus of Grock’s one skill from 120% to 160%, with this buff of course Grock will get sicker when used.

As in general, Grock does have a combo attack using this first skill, this skill is pressed and approaches the opponent then is released, the more precise the timing in attacking the greater the damage.

Regen Ability Increases After Buff

Taka stops there, the HP regen ability of Grock’s hero is also increased, this regn ability is very important for Grock because he doesn’t use lifesteal as his main item.

With increased HP regen allowing you to use more defense items, even without using attack items, Grock already has good durability and high regen will make Grock stronger in Mobile Legends.

Tough Shield Ability

Grock’s passive ability allows you to get a shield by just getting closer to the wall. The shield will protect Grock from various attacks making him even stronger.

This ability should be possessed by a tanker especially in the current meta. That way you will get excellent durability when playing Grock.

Fast Movement Speed

If you are looking for a barbaric hero, Grock is definitely one of the right heroes for you to use. This ability allows you to be able to rank and roam very well.

The progress speed of this one hero is the highest compared to other tank heroes, so it can make you play more aggressively and help attack as often as possible.

So, those are some reasons why Grock should be a meta hero in Season 19 of Mobile Legends. With all the advantages it has, Grock is mandatory for you to use in every match, especially in the current season.

That way, Grock can be another option for those of you who lack tanker heroes, and of course Grock’s hero era will return once again in Mobile Legends.

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