According to Geek Doyok, the Zeys Mobile Legends micro game is lacking

Here we will provide more information about MPLI, especially Evos. Well, there are comments about the Zeys Mobile Legends Micro Game Less According to Geek Doyok. It looks like Evos’s defeat at MPLI yesterday is still hot in discussion. Due to Evos’ defeat, it seems like it got heated especially against roaster Evos. The performance of EVOS Legends in the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 4 Nation Cup tournament was not as expected, it was not satisfactory. This resulted in EVOS having to settle for losing to Burmese Ghouls by a score of 2-0 in the lower bracket.

EVOS trainer who became a player during EVOS Legends. namely Zeys being the scapegoat of the Indonesian Mobile Legends community for the defeat of EVOS Legends. Many people say that the EVOS trainer, zeys, underperformed when he became an EVOS Legends tank in the MPLI 4 Nation Cup. Zeys also often dies and is deemed inappropriate to be a player so that Zeys is considered just a trainer.

It seems from this, saying that Coach Evos this time is not playing well, and was the target in Evos’s defeat this time. At that time, Zeys used a role tank and got a lot of kills while playing. because of his poor performance, he is the scapegoat here.

We will provide more info about coach Evos. It turns out that there are many things that make this one coach play poorly. So, this makes him get quite a lot of dead when playing.

Geek Doyok to Zeys

At Planet Esports from RevivalTV, here Zeys performance to Geek Fam Indonesia playr is being discussed. This was discussed by Doyok and Amoux, who will become Bigetron Alpha’s trainers in MPL Indonesia Season 6. So, according to Doyok, Zeys actually has a good macro, this is because zeys himself, who made a big contribution to EVOS Legends, brought EVOS to win M1, but Zeys micro according to Doyok, it was still not enough to make him get dead enough when playing.

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Geek Fam Doyok also said, “He’s good at macro … I won M1, but the micros are still lacking in the game. If I make Bajan now (the micro is better), “

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Maybe because the macro it has is not good enough and it hasn’t prepared well, Zeys doesn’t benefit well. This resulted in a major loss to the team. Moreover, the role he occupies is very important in teamfight.

That’s the information about yesterday’s MPLI and the Evos team. Even so, the Evos team at least have played seriously and deserve to be respected well. Kekalaha who exist, must not accuse who is wrong. Defeat in a team means that the team itself has the responsibility, not individually. Also Follow Our Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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