9 Strongest Meta ML Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends Season!

Season Ranking has been reset some time ago, various events and updates have been released by Moonton and present the latest meta season. There are 8 Strongest ML Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 18 that we think you can use.

Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends is very synonymous with body resistance and high damage it has, many of the strongest heroes you can play in the latest season 18 this time. So, here are the 8 strongest fighter heroes, and are suitable for entry in meta season 18.

On this occasion we recommend a line of the strongest and strongest fighter heroes in the Mobile Legends game, now for those of you who are ML players, you must see our review this time.

Using ML’s strongest meta fighter hero will certainly increase your chances when playing the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, later you will be able to easily flatten the lane to become the strongest offliner with the following series of heroes

This is the strongest meta fighter hero in Mobile Legends (ML):


X.Borg is still a candidate for the strongest mobile legends fighter hero role since it was first released to date. Not surprisingly, this hero has amazing body resistance and has a wide area of ​​attack and high damage.

Therefore, X.Borg is still widely used in the rankings until the beginning of season 16. And it is possible that X.Borg will still be the Strongest fighter hero for some time to come.


This famous feeder hero received a buff at the end of season 15 yesterday, with the addition of this buff making this hero superior to other heroes. Alucard mobile legends have high attack damage and very large lifesteal. This hero is very useful in team fights to target enemy core heroes.

The strongest fighter in Mobile Legends: Dyrroth

Is a hero who is still quite new in Mobile Legends. Dyrroth mobile legends are very effective in team fights with high burst damage. This hero has characteristics that are almost the same as Alucard, such as a high lifesteal that can attack by sticking to enemies.


Next there is Thamuz. He has the potential to become the strongest fighter hero in Mobile Legends in Season 18. Of course Thamuz’s skills have a huge influence on why he was named one of the strongest fighter heroes in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. His strength as a fighter hero is unquestionable.

Thamuz is a hero with an ax as his weapon. This Hero Thamuz mobile legends has the advantage of high resistance as well as area attacks when he uses the ultimate. This hero is very suitable for use as an offliner and enemy initiator.

The Strongest Fighter in Mobile Legends: Chou

This hero who has characteristics like Bruce Lee is very tough and strong. This hero can be a Tank, Assassins or fighter. With a note of the item he was wearing. Chou mobile legends can isolate one enemy quickly, and is an annoying hero because he has immunity and annoying knock backs.


Terizla is a Fighter with increasing damage abilities throughout the game. This famous hero mobile legends even has large phyiscal damage in the Early Game. So for those of you who are looking for a hero with remaining durability. Terizla is one of them.


Do you remember saitama? Yes, maybe Aldous is a character with abilities similar to Saitama. Aldous Mobile legends can kill enemies with just one attack. Its strength lies in the basic damage combined with the stack it has. The more Stack Aldous, the bigger the result.


Having a high critical attack when pressed, Leomord mobile legends are among the strongest fighters that you can use. This hero is very tough, especially when using his ultimate which can summon kudu. Especially if it’s dying, Leomord can produce high attacks.

So that’s the strongest Fighter mobile legends role that will dominate the battle in the current Season 19 meta. Which is your favorite Hero Fighter?

The Strongest Hero Fighter ML Barats

This hero is one of the strongest heroes that mobile legends players should know. Well, even though it is often used as a mobile legends support role.

Barats can also be used as tank-fighters. With barats suitable for various roles, this proves that this hero is the strongest mobile legends meta fighter hero at the moment.

With the use of good heroes and the right build items, you can win the game easily. If you want to try using a fighter, you might want to try the Hero above.

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