8 Worst Weapon to Avoid in Free Fire (FF)

In Free Fire, there are some of the best weapon that you can use to win the game. With those many options available, it is best for you to know which weapon is the best for you personally. Other than that, it is also important to know which weapon is the worst weapon in the game. So here we have some of the worst weapon to avoid in Free Fire.

8 Worst Weapon to Avoid in Free Fire (FF)


High damage weapon is usually the best recommendation for a weapon to use, but not for the crossbow. Even though the crossbow is one of the best weapon that you can use for a one shot kill, there’s a huge risk for you. If you miss your shot, you will need a really long reload time. And the enemy will be able to easily counter you.


The M60 is an LMG that you can use in Free Fire. Actually, the specification of this weapon is not too bad for a Light Machine Gun weapon. But this weapon is a peculiar weapon to control. So the M60 is also one of the worst weapon in Free Fire with an average damage per second, and a terrible accuracy.


Even though the MP40 has a really high rate of fire in the game, you can’t keep using this weapon for the whole game. This weapon still has some weakness that you need to know. Some of the weakness of the MP40 is the small amount of ammo capacity that it has. So it’s a huge risk if you miss your shot using this weapon.


This can be one of the worst shotgun to use in the game. The spas has a huge margin error due to the pump action weapon system. However, using this weapon will give you a higher risk of losing the battle if you miss just one shot towards your target.


VSS is a weird SMG, that most players even consider it as a sniper anyway. Due to the scope that it has, many people are using it as a sniper rifle. However, the damage rate isn’t too high as a sniper rifle. Which is why this weapon is one of the worst weapon in Free Fire.


The SVD is also one of the worst DMR that you must not use in the game. There are many other weapons with better statistics than this weapon, such as the SKS and the M14. Both of those weapons is a better option if you want to use the DMR in Free Fire.


MP5 is an SMG that is not too effective to use in close range, if you compare it with other SMGs. All aspects of this weapon’s specification is just average. So there’s nothing special that makes this weapon powerful.


The FAMAS is really difficult to use in any situation. If you want to use an assault rifle, there are many other assault rifles that is way better than this weapon.


The AN94 is a weapon with a huge damage rate. Unfortunately, the recoil is really huge, making it difficult to control. The AK47 is obviously still better than this weapon.

And that’s some of the worst weapon in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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