8 weakest hero fighter ml in mobile legends, so fragile!

After we discuss the Best Strongest Fighter heroes, maybe it won’t be complete if we don’t discuss the 8 Weakest Mobile Legends 2020 Mobile Fighter Heroes, which in our opinion are fragile heroes during team fight. Besides that, his stats are also not very supportive as a hero who fights in a melee style

Hero Fighter Mobile Legends in general do have skills with high damage and great resistance. However, some of the fighter heroes below are exceptions. So curious about what heroes? Here’s the list.

On this occasion we will discuss the weakest hero fighter in the Mobile Legeds game, now for those of you who are fighter users, avoid using the following heroes when playing in the Land of Dawn.

The following are the weakest Hero fighter mobile legends (ML):


Argus is the weakest fighter that is rarely played in Mobile Legends at this time. This one hero is very easy to kill if he doesn’t have his ultimate skill which is very tough.

The advantage of Argus only lies in its ultimate skill, but it is also reduced by a very long cooldown, therefore Argus is rarely played.


A pusher and hook specialist, Zilong is quite weak at the moment. This hero only relies on attack speed and damage.

But when compared to other fighters who are very strong, Zilong is quite easy to kill. The ultimate is not very useful, sometimes it is only used to run from the enemy’s pursuit


Alucard is indeed one of the sick heroes in season 16. Apart from that heri just got an update so it’s good enough to play.

However, Alucard is very weak on enemy crowd control skills. If you are attacked with a stun skill, it is enough to beat him when fighting.


Sun Mobile Legends is quite strong when it is in its ultimate mode. But without it he is very easy to beat.

Hero one very relies on his shadow and is quite difficult when fighting alone. When you are parked by another hero, Sun can only run away, he can’t move

The weakest fighter in Mobile Legends: Martis

Martis really relies on his skill combination. Without that, this hero is very difficult to get Lifesteal.

In addition, this hero has a small amount of HP so it’s quite easy to beat. Its defense is also quite fragile if it is not accompanied by existing defense items.


Is a hero that you can get by doing a Top Up in Mobile Legends. Freya is probably one of the heroes that is rarely used.

This hero is actually quite strong, but is not equipped with skills that allow him to fight freely like other heroes.

Freya is quite solid but very weak when attacked by long-range attacks, because this one hero is quite difficult to chase enemies.

The weakest fighter in Mobile Legends: Jawhead

As a Cybord hero controlled by a small child. This hero is quite annoying. But unfortunately, Jawhead who is equipped with isolation skills only,

without fulfilling other aspects such as large HP or high damage. So, this fighter hero seems useless as a tank or semi-fighter


Dyrroth is indeed quite hurt with high damage as a Fighter hero. However, this one hero does not have strong endurance.

Just like Alucard, Dyrroth only relies on his lifesteal and damage without his toughness to last a long time when the team fight takes place.

Some of these heroes need buffs and some have already received buffs. But this is not enough because some of the top tier fighters are very difficult to replace and require good consistency.

So, that’s the list of the weakest Fighter Mobile Legends heroes in 2020 that we can convey. Some of the heroes are indeed included in the sick fighter hero, but still have other drawbacks. Have a nice play. Don’t forget to Follow Esportsku!

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