8 ML heroes with dark stories in Mobile Legends!

We already know that the Mobile Legends game is a MOBA game which has many stories among heroes, some are happy, happy, strong, and full of mystery. There is also a Mobile Legends hero who has a dark story which is as follows.

Land of Dawn as an area inhabited by various races and nations, makes the Hero in Mobile Legends have a Bacground Story with a variety of stories, some of which have quite a dark past. Even to the point of creating an arena for revenge, a search for identity that motivated them to fight in the Land of Dawn.

The 8 heroes on mobile legends have a dark story. You can list the heroes below:

  1. Vexana
  2. Yu Zhong
  3. Khufra
  4. Miya
  5. jaw head
  6. Balmond
  7. Gord
  8. Popol And Kupa

has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. It turns out that the story of the heroes on mobile legends is quite interesting to follow.

On this occasion, several Mobile Legends heroes who have a dark story in the Land of Dawn, are you curious about who the hero is? The following is a list of heroes who have dark background stories in Mobile Legends.

Hero Who Has a Dark Story in Mobile Legends!


8 ML heroes with dark stories in Mobile Legends!

Vexana is the queen as well as the wife of the King who at that time was betrayed by the king because of the presence of a mysterious girl named Alice. Burned by the flames of jealousy, Vexana tried to come to Drak Lord to get a youthful implant. But unlucky, his choice became a whip for him.

Vexana must give a beautiful girl sacrifice to Dark who is the leader of the darkness. As a result, Vexana will get magical powers, but unfortunately, he gets a bad luck where the queen turns into wrinkles and looks like she is embracing because no sacrifice is given.

Yu Zhong

8 ML heroes with dark stories in Mobile Legends!

In the past, there was a prophecy about the black dragon that would destroy the world, so the great dragon overcame the bad prophecy by defeating the black dragon. After that, Yu Zhong was born as the incarnation of the black dragon, so he had the ambition to get the power that was sealed by the dragin altar, so that he would be stronger to take revenge on the past and fulfill the prophecy for him as the incarnation of the Black Dragon.


8 ML heroes with dark stories in Mobile Legends!

Khufra as the king of this tyranny, has a tragic love story. As a king who can get anything, unfortunately Khufrah cannot get the woman he loves, Eslora. When Kufrah was looking for magicians who could facilitate his ambition to invade the Land of Dawn.

That’s where he fell in love with Eslora and chose her. Finally, Kufrah became the only king in the western Desert, the ambition of Kufrah was getting even more excessive. Eslora, who was conscious, finally sealed Kufrah and put him to sleep in a grave. Hundreds of years later Khufrah rose, but he lost many things, both his love and his kingdom.


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This one hero grew with fear throughout his life, before finally Miya became the hero of his nation for the war between Blood Demons, Orcs and Elf Moon. Since childhood, Miya has always been targeted as a meal for orcs, even her parents were caught by the orcs and turned into a blood moon meal. Amazingly, that didn’t make Miya feel vengeful. However, this one hero still has a fear of trauma in his past.


Jawhead is a robot created by Alice’s parents. It was told that Alice’s parents were genius scientists who were pressured by the government to mass produce robots, but both refused because it would be dangerous if it was in the wrong hands.

So the two of them run away with Alice, but this will threaten Alice’s safety, so Jawhead, who was originally created as a result of pressure from the government, is finally assigned as Alice’s protector and leaves Alice with Jawhead. However, the genius inherited from Alice’s parents is used to find the whereabouts of her parents.


The next hero of ML’s dark story is Balmond. Which was at one time when the Blood Demon Nation was in power. And did a lot of oppression on the Orcs, every time the Orcs put up resistance all the remains and only the victims fell. Balmood was born during those difficult times, when his father was dying he informed Balmood of his mother’s death. And Balmod went on a rampage. Balmod has a strong grudge against the Blood Demon nation which makes it even stronger. Since then there has been a war which, of course, has been won by the Orcs, because there is a balmod.


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The next hero of ML’s dark story is Gord. Gord has a personal thirst for knowledge and power. Until he found a forbidden book that led him to great tragedy.

Gord performs magical practices regarding the pure mystique of the human body, where his body is almost destroyed if not hit by the head witch. Since then he has changed his body with red and blue colors. From then on he repented of his greed for power in an unkind manner.


Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa

The two heroes of ML’s dark story are Popol and Kupa. Popol is a child from the Feldan tribe who wants to be strong. But his ambition is at odds with the peace-loving Feldan tribe, shunning everyone. One day Popol had an accident where he fell into a cliff when he was about to show off that he was strong.

In the abyss Popol underwent a tremendous attack of fear, that’s where he met Kupa, a Forts Wolf. However, they ended up making friends and having an adventure together. The relationship between popol and kupa was opposed by the feldan tribe because the Forst Wolf was the bitter enemy of the feldan tribe. So, Popol and kupa were thrown away and exiled.

So, those are some of the heroes who have dark stories in Mobile Legends. What is your favorite hero above? Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram on Esportsku (@ esports.ku) to get the latest information about the Mobile Legends game and other latest news. Stay Tune!

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