8 ML Fighter Heroes Who Can Replace Core’s Role in Mobile Legends

Hyper Carry is a meta in Mobile Legends. This meta focuses your attacks on only one hero, there are many hero roles that you can use. One of them is marksman, assassin and even fighter.

We already know that Hyper Carry is currently very widely applied in every Mobile Legends match. Not only using hyper hero assassin, mage, and marksman, there are also some very tough fighter heroes to use as cores in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion we will discuss some very tough fighter heroes when used as cores in Mobile Legends. So here are some heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends today. The following is complete.

Best Fighter Core Hero Mobile Legends

This time a row of fighter heroes can be used as a replacement for the core in Mobile Legends. High damage ability makes this one hero superior in every team fight.


First there is Roger who is a fighter marksman hero who is very actively used as a hyper carry, Roger’s ability to make fast attacks makes this one hero deserves thumbs up. Especially if you use meta hyper carry, Roger will be very ferocious again.

But it is quite unfortunate that Roger himself could not survive when he reached the late game. Even so, Roger is a very strong fighter hero when played as a meta hyper carry in Mobile Legends.


Next is Leomord, a fighter hero who has recently been played as a hyper carry in Mobile Legends. Leomord’s farming ability does seem quite slow, but that doesn’t make this one hero easy to beat.

Leomord has a very high durability, as well as excellent offensive. With his Ultimate ability to ride Barbiel, Leomord is able to attack quickly, and is very strong as a hyper carry position in Mobile Legends.


Not only Leomord, Dyrroth’s ability as a core is also very powerful to play, Dyrroth is a very good offlaner, but even so, he is also very suitable when used as a hyper carry.

The reason itself is quite simple, because Dyrroth has the ability to farm fast enough, as well as high damage. In addition, his Combo skills are also very deadly and are able to defeat enemy heroes with one attack. If the offlaner alone is deadly, especially if it is used as a hyper carry.


Next is Jawhead who is a hero fighter but is often used as an assassin. Even so, Jawhead himself is a versatile hero. His ability to target opponents with just one strike is very deadly.

Moreover, he is able to roam very quickly, has excellent ganking skills and is also fast in farming. With these advantages, Jawhead will be very suitable if used as a core in Mobile Legends.


Next there is the Alucard hero, which we know is a very strong hero. Alucard’s ability can be said to be ordinary. But you need to know, Alucard is able to do farming very fast, and even faster than other assassin heroes.

Alucard’s ability to do farming is indeed very good, this one hero also has the endurance and speed that are very suitable when used as a core in Mobile Legends. Even so, there is one drawback for this one hero, namely the ability to be hit by his opponent’s crowd control which makes Alucard easy to counter. Even so, just like Roger, Alucard is also a very strong hero when used as a hyper carry.


Next is Thamuz, not just an offlaner. If in a pinch, Hero fighter Thamuz is also very good when used as a hero core in Mobile Legends. The reason itself is quite easy, namely, Thamuz’s excellent and strong ofensife ability makes him suitable as a Hyper Carry.

Thamuz himself is a hero who is currently widely used as an offlaner. His offensive and defensive abilities are very good, Thamuz is able to survive even when he is ganking many enemy heroes.

Yu Zhong

Next there is the hero Yu Zhong, a fairly new fighter hero and would be very suitable if used as a core in Mobile Legends. This one hero is able to turn wujub into a dragon, then has two modes that make him very strong in Mobile Legends.

If being an offlaner alone makes this one hero very strong, especially when played as a hyper carry, it will be even stronger. Yu Zhong’s roaming ability to gank is also very good and can make him a very tough hyper carry in Mobile Legends.


Khaleed is one of the fighters with a very good dafensife. This hero is very sick in the early game and very strong in the late game. Even so, when suddenly used as a hyper carry, Khaleed is also able to portray it very well.

Diearly this one fighter hero game can do farming very fast. Apart from that, to do Khaleed initiation is also very reliable. Even though he is often used as a fighter hero who acts as an offlaner, if a hyper carry is suddenly used, Khaleed can also play it very well.

So, that’s a list of fighter heroes that can be used as a substitute for the best core role in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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