8 Latest Update on FF Advance Server Free Fire June 2020, Try it!

Playing online games is indeed quite exciting and fun for some people today. Free Fire is also very good if you are looking for game recommendations, even this game has a Battle Royale type which provides a lot of challenges. If you play this game for a long time, you will definitely be addicted and want to play on. This time there is the latest FF Advance Server Free Fire update in June 2020 that you can try right now

The Free Fire game was developed directly by Garena, so of course all updates and events that are given are very well maintained. Yesterday we also had the Booyah Lebaran Event on the Indonesian server, so that way there are lots of attractive prizes to be had.

In the future there will still be many new events, as well as much cooler prizes to get. Free Fire’s Advanced Server has just been opened, where in this case there are lots of cool updates that you can try later.

So all of these new updates, will be available in full on the Original Server and there are also some that can be released in the next update. Now there is already an estimate for the upcoming maintenance in June 2020, so you just hope that the maintenance will come on that day.

Updates that are present in Advanced Server today, have a lot of points and elements. But on this occasion, we will only provide updates that are confirmed to be fully present in the next maintenance.

Curious? Check out the article below.

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Updates That Will Come in June Free Fire

  1. Wolfrahh’s New Character

This character has been tested by many players, almost all of whom enjoy the abilities of this new character. And to make Wolfrahh even deadlier, give Wolfrahh Free Fire the Best Weapon right now.

This new character will be available in June, further maintenance will take place later.

  1. New Clu Characters

In addition to the presence of a new character Wolfrahh, it turns out that we also have a new character named Clu. He is a quite clever Detective, even the Changed Clue Character Ability is stronger than before.

He can find out the location of the enemy, even at a great distance even with his abilities.

  1. Pet Falcon

The new regulation, which will be coming soon, is confirmed to be officially present in June. This Pet Falcon Free Fire ability is quite beneficial for all of you. So that those whose names get off the plane, will not be slow anymore.

  1. New Home Appearance

In addition, it also turns out that there is a new change, which occurs in the Home Display section. This indicates that for now, the Summer Free Fire event will be present in full. Because it can be seen from behind, this place has a cool beach feel. You can see this if you download this ff 2020 advance server

  1. New Lobby Appearance

The lobby, which is presented by Garena, will be even better and cooler. So the Lobby Display which is present in the latest update will be better and quite creepy. Because before that match, you will be taken to the middle of nowhere.

  1. Active Ability Can Be Given Other Characters

The update that has been waiting for a long time has finally arrived, so the active character’s abilities will be used by other characters. For example, Steffie’s ability, given to the character DJ Alok or Andrew. All characters with active skills can be combined with other characters.

  1. Purgatory Map Returns

Even though this is not yet clear, but in the advanced server in the Ranked Mode selection there are 2 Map Options to use. First, you can choose the Bermuda Map, secondly, there is the Purgatory Map option that was previously deleted.

Previously the Purgatory Map was deleted for certain reasons, but in the future there is news that this map will be re-entered. Even so, you have to download the map first.

  1. Latest Elite Pass Gallery

So for this part, you can see the old elite pass and the history that you have made. This doesn’t mean that you can buy the Old Elite Pass, but you can only see the History of the Elite Pass. Even so, this update is quite good and interesting.

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All updates that Garena brings to this game are all pretty good and interesting. So you as the player too, shouldn’t miss this. Especially for all of you who have successfully entered, into the Free Fire Advanced Server.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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