8 Hero Fighter ML Meta Season 17 Mobile Legends

Hero Fighter Mobile Legends is one of the heroes with a mandatory role in gameplay because with a fighter hero the team composition will be more stable. The fighter hero plays a very important role in gameplay, namely being a hero who must properly and properly guard the upper lane so that the turret is not destroyed. So, here are the fighter heroes that enter meta season 17 in Mobile Legends.

The hero fighter who acts as the best offliner with his success seen from his ability or not to guard the upper lane to hold the turret from being destroyed. The plus point is when the offlaner hero is able to win laning and destroy the opponent’s turret so that the zone for farming becomes wider.

There are also many types of fighters in Mobile Legensd. You can use heroes who are more durable or heroes who have semi assassins. The use of heroes on different mobile legends makes each hero unique

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the fighter hero Mobile Legends meta season 17. For those of you who are curious and want to know what fighter heroes are included in meta season 17 Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the reviews below!

Hero Fighter Meta Season 17 Mobile Legends

The following is a list of Fighter ML heroes that will be included in meta season 17 in Mobile Legends, now for those of you who are fighter users, of course you must know what heroes are currently being hit and are often played as follows.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is a new fighter hero in Mobile Legends who entered meta season 17 because he has an attack skill with quite painful damage. Yu Zhong can turn into a dragon and when he hits his opponent gives a stun effect. Yu Zhong’s passive skill is also quite overpowering and that’s why Yu Zhong is a meta hero in season 17.

Of course, as a new fighter hero, he is still very OP and is often used from training to playing in ranked matches. In addition, Yu Zhong can escape the banned hero, so many Mobile Legends players play it.


Thamuz is a hero who is still included in meta season 17 because he has painful damage and his milk durability level is also quite strong. Thamuz’s passive skill which can produce a true damage effect makes it very strong, coupled with the effect of its ultimate skill, it can regenerate its HP.

Thamuz is one of the hero fighters who were nominated for the hero meta season 17, his ability as an offliner is very good and able to defend and do push, besides that, Thamuz is very strong even when attacked by many enemy heroes though.


Xborg is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends that is still often played in meta season 17. This hero has a fire-shaped attack skill and the damage it generates is quite painful. Xborg has the ultimate skill in the form of true damage. He will detonate himself when his ultimate skill is activated.

As a hero who received a starlight skin in June, of course Moonton gave Xborg a buff so that he was able to keep him in the meta nomination in the Mobile Legends game. Xborg’s ability to do various things, from defending, off-line, roaming, teamfight is very good, so it’s no wonder that Xborg is still the meta season 17 of Mobile Legends.



Leomord is also one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who is included in this meta season 17. Leomord has pretty good attack skills and the damage it generates is quite painful. The ultimate skill can be used to kill enemies easily. This hero is strong enough to be an offlaner.

As a knight, Leomord has various advantages, especially in his high damage ability. When Leomord is at HP below 10%, Leomord’s passive skill in the form of critical will be active and become a very strong hero during the last seconds of Mobile Legends.


Aldous is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, which is still included in meta season 17 because it can produce quite a lot of damage. Aldous requires a large stack so that the damage becomes even more painful and can be used to kill his opponent easily. This hero is very useful for open maps through his ultimate skill and can also be used to lock enemy core heroes.

This hero fighter is indeed very perfect, he has a high offliner defense, as a formidable pusher that can move as an assassin to hunt down many enemies. Aldous often gets banned from the draft pick so it is quite difficult to get him.


Chou is a fighter hero who is suitable to be played in any meta in Mobile Legends. Chou is a hero who can crowd control his opponent with his attack skills. This hero is very suitable to be used to lock the opponent’s core hero with his ultimate skill. The damage generated from this hero is quite painful.

In addition, Chou is able to become a tank hero, an assassin with high damage to become a hero core in Mobile Legends, Chou’s ability is indeed very frightening, he has passive skills that can increase Critical so that anyone who becomes his target is guaranteed to perish.


Jawhead is also a fighter hero who is considered quite over power in season 17. Jawhead has a very troublesome ejector skill. This hero is a fighter hero type with burst damage because he can kill his enemies easily through his combo skill.

The ability of his ejector skill really annoys the enemy, let’s say that with his ability he can target the enemy with his speed, after that, Jawhead throws the enemy and makes him unable to move.


Finally, there is the Alucard hero who is a hero fighter with the ability to get buffs up to the revamp in season 17, even though Alucard’s revamp is not yet on the original server, but Alucard is still very tough thanks to the previous buff.

This one hero is getting used to being played in epic to mythic ranks, so the impression of alufeed or alucard feeder that is often played by kids in the Mobile Legends game seems to have disappeared.

So, that’s the explanation of the fighter hero Mobile Legends Meta season 17 that we have explained. By using the Fighter heroes included in meta season 17, of course, you can easily win the match.

Hopefully this is useful and can be a source of good references for all of you. Don’t forget to use the meta hero above and defeat the enemy easily in the Land of Dawn!

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