8 Hero Counters, All Heroes in Mobile Legends, Meta ML Doesn’t Do a Move!

Counter is a term used for a particular hero who is the opponent or the weak point of the hero used by the opponent. Meta Counter Hero is also very good to apply when you get a second pick in Draft Pick Mode. So this time we will recommend the hero counters of all the Mobile Legends heroes that you should know.

By using the Mobile Legends counter hero, of course, you can win gameplay easily. You will also find it very easy to kill your opponent’s hero by using the hero counter mobile legends.

Hero Counter All Heroes of Mobile Legends

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Hero Counter for All Hero Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what heroes are included in the Hero Counter category of All Hero Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the reviews below properly and correctly!

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How to Counter Ultimate Kaja Mobile Legends!

Kaja is a fighter support hero who can fight against all heroes well. The ultimate skill possessed by Kaja can bind his enemy, this can also be combined with his two skills to attract his enemy or with a flicker spell. Kaja is the best hero to count all enemy heroes.


Best ML Assassin Push Rank Season 15 Mobile Legends!

Saber is a hero assassin that can also be used to counter all heroes in Mobile Legends. His one skill can zoning out his enemy well and his ultimate skill can be used to lock enemy heroes.

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Franco is a tank hero that can be used to counter all enemy heroes. By using his one skill Franco can hit his enemy from a certain distance. His ultimate skill can also be used to stun enemies who approach him.


Khufra is a tank hero whose skills all produce crowd control effects. Hero Khufra also has the ultimate skill that can give the opponent a stun effect if he experiences a thorw back effect to the diniding. Khufra is perfect for countering all enemy heroes.

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Minshittar is a Fighter hero who has a hook skill for his one skill and the ultimate skill of this hero can give a silence effect to the enemy hero who is hit by his skill. Minshittar is perfect for easily counting enemy heroes.]


Helcurt is an assassin hero who can also count all enemy heroes. His ultimate skill can make darkness and confuse his opponent. Skill one of this hero can also be stacked and when used it will deal considerable damage.


Best Lolita ML Item Build in Mobile Legends 2020

Lolita is a tank hero who can easily counter opponents. The second skill can provide an absorbing effect to the damage received and the first skill and its ultimate can have a stun effect on the opponent. It is suitable for counting enemy heroes.


Latest Mobile Legends Redeem Code

Faramis is a mobile legends support mage hero role who can also counter opponents with his ultimate skills. His ultimate skill can revive his teammates and can strike back at the opponent while being a ghost.



Diggie is also a support hero that can be used to easily counter enemy mobile legends heroes. His ultimate skill can remove all debuffs and can be used for his teammate heroes.

Now that’s an explanation of the hero counters of all the Mobile Legends heroes that we have explained. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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