7 Strong and Deadly Free Fire Character Combos in FF 2021, Anyone?

This time there are 6 Strong and Deadly Free Fire Character Combos in FF 2021 that you can combine.

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is commonly played by many people that has a unique system. The system in question is a free fire character system. As we know, the characters in Free Fire have different skills, and this makes them have different advantages too.

With so many free fire characters that can be used, surely the composition of the team in playing squad will be very important. With strong coordination and cooperation, these characters will help your game make it easier to win.

Here we will share some character compositions that are quite strong, and some are used by high rank players or pro players when playing.

Here are 6 Strong and Deadly Free Fire Character Combos in FF 2021:


These three characters are quite commonly used by many people because they are quite strong characters. These three characters are quite strong at rushing, therefore they are often used by aggressive characters.

Andrew is useful as a semi-support who supports Caroline and Kelly when they rush. This third combination is quite difficult for the enemy to play.

Andrew + Kelly + Paloma

Paloma is very strong in the late game because her skill which can accommodate many items is very suitable in this combination. With the help of characters like Andrew and Kelly, rushing in the mid or late game is not difficult.


This one combo carries a high level of risk, but with good coordination they are one of the strongest combos. With buddy system between Hayato and Nikita rushed. Furthermore, Laura was able to get behind them from a distance and provide support from afar. Laura can provide support shots when they rush.


This combo that requires Hayato players who are strong and have high skills makes it very feared by many people. With this combination Hayato was able to safely rush into Andrew and Olivia. This combo is often said to be a combo raid boss because Hayato who supported and protected Andrew and Olivia would be so deadly.


Almost similar to the previous combination, the only difference is replacing Caroline with Nikita. This combination is also quite strong when used for rushing. Andrew, who is a core character in the rush strategy, is highly recommended.


This one combination is quite difficult to use because the two important characters here, Rafael and Laura will be the keys to their success. Silent Rafael greatly benefited from playing in tight spaces thanks to Laura’s long-range assistance. Paloma works as semi support when playing with them.


This combo is very deadly and the best you should know. With these three characters, you can do rusher, flanker, and assasination without being caught by the enemy.

This character can play as a tanker or a rusher. So, if you use these three characters in one match. You will be deadly and will also win as the best team.

Those are the 6 best character combos in Free Fire for you to use. These powerful combos will certainly make your game easier when you win. Train your skills and also communicate between teams to make it more compact.

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