7 Money-Making Apps Worth Trying, Really Paid

It could be that you are confused, is there really a money-making application from a smartphone? Isn’t there just more paid applications to get the full service. It could be a good thing, you read this post first.

Nowadays almost all life in the world uses smartphones. It is listed in Indonesia, which is one of the highest countries in terms of cell phone usage.

Unfortunately, many have not used their smartphones optimally, only to exist on social media. Meanwhile, the sophistication of smart phones that continue to mushroom can be used as a money maker.

Making money from a smartphone is quite easy and fast by downloading the application through the Playstore. You can use it to increase income or just food money or buy quota.

Moreover, for those of you who have a hobby of playing games on smartphones, it can also be a field to reach the coffers of money. Even so, you have to be careful when choosing the application because not all of them have been proven to give you money.

For that you must carefully choose the right application. Usually you will be asked to register and include personal information, such as an email and phone number for verification at the time of sending the prize.

Until then, prepare a quota and a normal internet connection so that the application can be accessed more freely. So, what are the most trusted applications for making money? Here is a partial summary.

1. Read Plus

Think about it, just by reading you can earn easy money. Yes, you really can if you use the Baca Plus application. You can rely on this application to make money without capital.

The trick is pretty good by reading posts and news and certain missions. Every time you finish reading or completing a mission you will find points that can be replaced with money or credit.

The Baca Plus application can be downloaded for free on the Playstore. So what are you waiting for? Try it right now.

2. Cash for Apps

With more than 10 million Android users, this Cash for Apps application is listed as a very popular and trusted one. The working system is also easy, you are only asked to install some of the applications contained in the Cash for Apps application to try to operate.

After that you will receive a reward in the form of points for each application that has been installed. However, you must collect some points so that they can be exchanged for money. Very easy isn’t it! Immediately download the application on the Playstore.

3. appKarma Rewards& Gift Cards

This one application is also quite popular and worth a try. Conceptually not much different from other money-making applications. appKarma Rewards& Gift Cards offer several methods to earn points.

There will be a quiz that you must answer in order to collect money. Not only that, there are several other missions, such as installing several applications to promoting appKarma to your friends using a referral code.

However, before playing make sure you have a Paypal account first. Because for the process of disbursement and payment using Paypal.

4. WhatsAround

If this application is intended for those of you who like to travel or adventure to a place and immortalize it in an image. Yep, you can use those photos of your expedition to make money by uploading them on the WhatsAround application.

If the image is considered interesting by WhatsAround, then you will get points that can be spent on Amazon, Playstore, App Store, and others.

5. BuzzBreak

Want to earn money from the app but don’t want to bother processing payments via Paypal? Try downloading BuzzBreak. Just like Baca Plus, you will earn money by simply reading and watching certain videos.

The rewards that you have collected can be disbursed via Paypal or the Dana application. How? Interested in trying?

6. Gift Wallet

You could say this one application is very extraordinary compared to other money-making applications. The reward given by the Gift Wallet is in the form of money in dollar amounts. Its use is also very easy, just enough to complete the given task.

Later the points you collect can be exchanged via Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet, Google Play Gifts, and many more. The features that are presented are also very interesting so they are worth trying to make money.

7. CashPop

Furthermore, there is CashPop which is quite popular in Indonesia for making money and is 100% trusted. Only with a smartphone and a normal internet connection, you can earn money, even if the screen is off.

You are required to collect points first by playing games in the CashPop application, inviting friends, and chatting. For those of you who have quite a lot of free time, play CashPop so that more money is generated.

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