7 Items for the ML Late Game Mage Assassins Best Season 16 Mobile Legends

Mage assassins are usually quite diverse because they are quite a wide archetype. When compared to fighter mages, the role of mobile legends assassin mage is somewhat deadlier. This is because in the early game their damage was very high and the enemy didn’t have many answers to hold their magic.

When the lategame comes usually the mage assassin’s strength falls because of their bad scaling. However, they still have a good burst against marksman or other mage mobile legends. Their items are quite good and vary depending on what hero is used so the assassin mage builds quite freely.

Here we will provide the best late game items for the assassin mage or the mage burst which is very deadly. With their high damage, these heroes can kill enemies very easily.


Assassin mage or mage burst usually buys star shards in the early game because it will get stronger later in the late game. This item will deal very high damage if they are actively looking for a stack for this item. With Star Shard, their solo damage capability will be very deadly.


Calamity is a burst item that is very strong and effectively used by assassins. This item is their main burst item which mainly depends on spam skills and auto attack. Damage in the late game even if complete thanks to this item can kill enemies very quickly.


FoH is an item that is usually in lategame that will be the source of the assassin’s auto attack damage. The reason is due to good scaling later when the item is complete. Combined with Calamity, the hero damage will soar very high in the late game.


In the late game, the Holy item will be the main item because of its excellent scaling. The reason is the very high percentage of scaling and magic stat will turn off when the other items are complete. Usually, this item is purchased last to increase late game damage higher or mid game to get the tempo of the game.


Must buy if you plan to fight high res magic tanks. In addition, the assassins can take advantage of the passive effect which will increase pierce by 70% when HP is high. Quite deadly because magic will feel like pure damage.


Lightning will be a very important item because your damage will get an additional burst in each skill. Coupled with the AoE explosion effect, the assassin’s damage can kill the enemy very quickly.


Good lifesteal and stats in the late game can at least make the assassins play independently so they don’t die quickly.

Those are the 7 deadly assassin mage damage items because in the late game they can kill enemies very quickly. With these items the assassin magic or burst can be deadly.

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