7 Hero Mobile Legends Must Be Killed First In ML

Teamfight is something that cannot be avoided when playing Mobile Legends. You could say teamfight is the culmination of all fights because it can decide many things from the result alone. In teamfight, the determining factor of victory comes from the hero and net worth. So, there are several heroes whose heroes must be killed, for the benefit of the team. 7 Heroes in Mobile Legends that must be killed first, of course, will be your priority.

Previously, we discussed priority roles when teamfight was released, now we will talk about heroes. These heroes are quite strong and very deadly if left alive because they can provide high losses for your team if left alone. These 7 heroes will be very dangerous and must be a priority.

Here we have prepared 7 Hero mobile legends that must be killed when teamfight is released. The reason is quite easy because these heroes have a high impact if they are left alone when the battle begins.

One of the heroes that must be killed – GRANGER

As the strongest marksman currently in Mobile Legends, Granger if left alone in team fight can eliminate the entire enemy team. Has high damage, long distance, and is difficult to kill because the dash skill makes it a hero that must be killed.


If you just leave Uranus in team fight, this hero will hurt you. Uranus’s damage will be even higher if he collects the stack from S1 to his enemy. In addition, on the front lines, Uranus can absorb a lot of damage and inflict unreasonable damage and make it a Hero Mobile Legends that must be killed.


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Hanzo when the ulti is active can give very high damage with his auto attack and S2 S1 combo. Hanzo himself is actually easy to kill, the thing that makes it difficult is that he is always far behind. one of the heroes that must be killed so that he doesn’t give too high damage to the opposing team.

Hero Mobile Legends Must Be Killed – CLAUDE

Claude is a very powerful auto attacker and zoner. He is able to provide consistent high damage in team fight. a hero who must be killed before he is able to launch a very deadly ulti to all of your heroes. It must be remembered that Claude is also a bit difficult to kill just like that because he is very agile.


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Valir is the mage with the highest damage in the game. He is able to provide unreasonable damage continuously in teamfight. the hero that must be killed so you have to immediately kill himself before the ulti is active and Valir takes out his deadly combo.

Hero Mobile Legends Must Be Killed – PHARSA

Hero Pharsa Revamp Mobile Legends Buff New!

As a very powerful burst and zoner hero, Pharsa is very deadly even at a considerable distance. Before and when the ulti is active you have to quickly kill him. This is because Pharsa can destroy your entire team easily.

Hero Mobile Legends Must Be Killed – KARRIE

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This anti tank Marksman can provide high single target damage to your team. Before it can do any damage kill himself immediately.

Those are 7 Heroes in Mobile Legends that must be killed first as soon as teamfight begins. In Mobile Legends, you must know the priority of killing heroes in team fight to make it easier to win.

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