7 Hero Mobile Legends Easy Counter Ganking

In Mobile Legends, ganking is something that is sure to happen to anyone. Surely you have felt this way when you are alone and suddenly there are many opposing heroes who immediately ambush you and end up just dying. Of course this is very troubling to many people because they have no other choice but to run away or die. Well, this time there is an easy Hero Mobile Legends Counter ganking opponent in ML that you should know.

But you actually have another option when being ganged by your opponent, namely fighting back. When you are ranked on mobile legends and cannot escape, the only thing you can do is to fight back against the opponent’s ganker hero. This aims to get a kill that you might be able to achieve, buy time to make space for friends, or give high poke and make enemies dying and force them to retreat.

You might be able to use these 7 heroes if you are afraid of being ganged up on playing solo. Effective because they are very tough, can be seen below;

  1. Valir
  2. Uranus
  3. Thamuz
  4. Harith
  5. Leomord
  6. Hayabusa
  7. Kagura

Summarized by Esportsku to make it easier to read and for you not to be too complicated. Immediately try using this hero.

Here we will provide 7 of the best heroes in Mobile Legends who can fight back when ganked by an opponent in the game. Not all heroes can do this because the heroes on this list do have advantages in terms of gameplay and also their lucrative skills.


New Valir Build September After Being Revamped

If you look at Valir’s skills at a glance, maybe you will think that this hero is quite weak because he doesn’t have escape, sustain, and really squishy skills. But you are wrong because Valir is a very deadly hero and can even kill heroes who gang himself in Mobile Legends.

The thing that really benefits Valir when he ranks mobile legends is not only from his deadly damage. Valir has a very dangerous ulti, namely selfbuff of all his skills and also the purify effect. He who is stunned or slow and will be ganged can use the ulti and fight back with high damage and his CC. Even he can fight 2 people at once without a problem.


How to Play Uranus Mobile Legends

Uranus is a very deadly offlane hero and even requires the entire team to conquer him. Often said to be a raid boss hero, this is certainly not without a reason. He has a deadly stack of damage with high damage. Besides that, Uranus has a regen that can even replenish his HP continuously.

If you use Uranus and get hit by an opponent’s gang, the first thing to do is don’t run away. You have to fight back and spam your skills. This is because Uranus is a hero, the higher the damage, the longer the fight thanks to his skill stack. In addition, Uranus who is hit will get a continuous regen which can stack up to 20. This will keep him from dying and continue to deal high damage.


Thamuz is a hero who really takes advantage of his damage skills. Having offensive skills in all of his skills and also very dangerous when the ulti is active makes Thamuz a very deadly fighter hero. Thamuz’s advantage is in his skills which continue to burn opponents. This is of course very dangerous because Thamuz can be deadly when 1v1.

Strong at 1v1 doesn’t mean weak in the gank, because Thamuz can fight back against your opponent very easily. Himself has very high damage and sustain. Even when the core item is finished, Thamuz can get a spell vamp until his blood is very difficult to drop. Selfbuff which is very deadly is also dangerous because Thamuz can provide a high immolation effect.


Harith is a very dangerous hero mage in teamfight because his skills are all AOE. Besides that, with a small CD, Harith is a very agile hero and very difficult to catch by opponents. With damage that can be issued continuously, Harith is a hero that cannot be underestimated.

He has the advantage when ganking thanks to his passivity, which is additional resistance. All CCs that hit Harith will have their effects reduced, especially the duration. This makes it very difficult to lock and can also be more active against back when ganked with his combo.


Leomord ML Counter Use This Mobile Legends Hero!

Leomord is a fighter hero who is often used as a powerplay hero or a playmaker. It is very dangerous when the ult is active, Leomord can turn things around very easily and can even win without trying high. This is because Leomord is a very sustainable hero and very difficult to lock.

Leomord’s damage also cannot be underestimated because he is very dangerous both without and with active ulti. With an active ulti, it is better if the ganker releases himself or runs away because if he forces himself, Leomord can reverse the situation and kill the other tankers.


Hayabusa is a hero assassin that is often used as a hyper carry hero nowadays. The reason is because this hero can deal high damage easily and efficiently too. High mobility, burst, damage, all of them are owned by Hayabusa and this hero is indeed very difficult to lock.

Hayabusa is also easy to fight back when in a gang thanks to his skills. Can move places very easily, Hayabusa can outwit and make it difficult for the enemy to chase him. Besides that, the smart Hayabusa will kite then fight back with his burst. At least he could kill ganker easily.


Hero Counter Khufra in Mobile Legends

Often named as the most difficult hero mage, of course not without reason. Kagura requires high micro skills to manage his hero and umbrella. This hero certainly cannot be underestimated because it can make the enemy inconvenient.

When gank and gankers don’t have CC such as stun or silence, Kagura will easily fight back because of his skills. The enemy will be inconvenienced with high mobility and his dangerous kiting skills.

Those are 7 Mobile Legends heroes who can easily fight back when at Gank. These heroes are indeed dangerous and require extra strength when ganked because they can fight back and at least kill the tankers easily.

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