7 Build Items ML Semi Tank Aldous Mobile Legends, Auto Full 500 Stack!

Aldous is one of the heroes included in the mobile legends fighter role category. This hero to deal great damage requires quite a lot of stack. Aldous is a hero that is suitable for use as an offliner and playing solo because it requires a stack of every minion killed.

Aldous is a late game hero type of mobile legends which is very annoying because if it has entered the late game, the damage is quite painful. Heroes such as marksman, assassin, and mage can be killed by him with just one to two hits.

Build Item ML Semi Tank Aldous Mobile Legends

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On this occasion we will provide the best Aldous semi tank builds in 2020. Let’s just look at the build below!

Demon Shoes

Demon shoes are shoe items that are very suitable for Aldous to use because from this item Aldous gets a mana regen of +30 and also functions to provide a movement speed of +40. This item has a passive skill to restore mana by 10% when eliminating an opponent or getting an assist.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is one of the mandatory items that Aldous must use because it gives a huge true damage effect to his opponent. This item is very useful for Aldous, who is a hero fighter charge type.

Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt is a defensive item suitable for use by Aldous because it has a passive skill that can provide true damage after Aldous uses his skill and can also have a slow effect. In addition, this item provides physical defense as much as +40 which of course can make Aldous a little thick in his armor.

Brute Force

This item provides physical defense of +45 and has a passive skill that can add movement speed of 3% after Aldous uses basic attacks on his opponent. Besides that, it also gets physical and magic defense of +4. This item can also be stacked 5 times.

Queens Wings

This defene item is very suitable for Aldous to use because it provides +15 physcal attack and 10% cooldown reduction. Queens Wings itself has a passive skill to reduce damage by 50% when this hero’s cellphone is below 40%. This item can also increase your lifestill by 30% for 5 seconds.


Immortality is a mandatory defense item for Aldous because the passive skill itself can revive the hero with the remaining 15% HP. The status obtained from this item is +800 HP and +40 physcal defense. Immortality is a late game item that must be used by Aldous.

Aldous Best Battle Spell in Mobile Legends

Not only build items, here are some battle spells that Aldous can use in Mobile Legends.


Sprint is a battle spell that we recommend, this battle spell can be used when Aldous does the Ultimate so that he is able to run fast and chase enemies so that he can use his skills optimally.


Apart from Sprint, you can also use Flicker as an alternative. Use Flicker when urgent like chasing enemies or running away from Ganking.

Aldous Mobile Legends Emblem Set

Several emblem sets can be used by Aldous starting from the Custom Assassin Emblem and Custom FIghter Emblem with skills that you will get quite significant.

Custom Fighter Emblem

First, you can use the Custom Fighter Emblem which focuses on the defects and damage it has. This emblem is devoted to fighter heroes including Aldous.

Custom Assassin Emblem

Not only that, apparently many players also use the Custom Assassin Emblem as the main Aldous emblem. This emblem is indeed much popular with not only the Assassin usar. Until now, the Custom Assassin Emblem has been widely used by Marksman, Fighter, and even some Tank heroes.

How to Play and Gameplay Aldous Mobile Legends

To play Aldous in Mobile Legends you can rely on Stack, therefore, get as many Stack as possible and it will be very terrible in Mobile Legends.

In the early game, Aldous can become an offlaner by playing it safe, this time it is Aldous’s time to show off, because he is the best late game hero in Mobile Legends, therefore, playing safe in the early game is the best way to play Aldous.

Just focus on doing push turrets, farming and looking for as much gold as possible and get the Aldous stack as soon as possible, the more stack Aldous, the more damage it will have to fight in the late game.

During the mid-game, Aldous can target several enemy core heroes such as marksman or mage, make sure you activate the sprint when using the ultimate, so you can chase the enemy or run away from the enemy.

When in mid game, get as many kills as possible so you can get lots of stacks that you can use late.

When team fight, Aldous can target the marksman as the core of enemy damage. Kill the marksman first and then attack the other heroes. Undoubtedly, you will easily get the victory.

Then in the late game, Aldous has become very terrible, with just one hit you can defeat various enemies. But it must be ensured, when using the ultimate, the first hero you attack make sure he is a marksman, and then another mage hero.

That way you will be very, very easy to win every teamfight and end the match with a win.

So, those are the best Aldous semi tank build items that we have discussed. Hopefully it can be useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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