7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends, Reach High GPM

Farm is a very important process when playing Mobile Legends as a core hero. With the farm you will get a high GPM to buy items. This is quite important to get a playing advantage. With 7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends, you can play more effectively.

GPM is very important because this is your main goal of farming. With faster items thanks to high GPM, you can close the game faster. Besides that, of course your game will be safer.

GPM itself means Gold Per-Minute which means the amount of gold you get every minute, the higher the better. And to get the highest GPM, not all heroes are suitable for this because different heroes have farming advantages.

This hero farmer or farmer hero works only in farming. But in contrast to other heroes their farming speed is very fast. Can get a lot of gold quickly compared to other heroes.

Here we will provide 7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends. This advantage is very important for winning games.


Item Build ML Hanzo Damage Dealer,

You could say Hanzo is the best farmer in Mobile Legends with many factors. He can use S1 to kill creeps at the beginning of the game, let alone steal enemy buffs to start the level earlier. In addition, his S2 can be used to make wave clear which is very effective with his ulti for farming from a safe place.


7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends

Hanabi is a very strong farmer on the lane because of his S1. Hanabi can use her S1 to make her attack bounce, this is used to clean creep lane very quickly. The faster the hero can clear the lane, they can also rotate or clear other objectives such as jungle.

7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends – MOSKOV

Just like Hanabi, Moskov is a marksman who greatly benefits in the laning phase. He is able to clean creep lane very quickly thanks to his passive. In addition, Moskov can use ulti to get kills or assists from different lanes to increase kill participation and GPM.


Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

Having a very high farm speed thanks to his S1 which can be used to jump over walls, Ling can move lanes very quickly, making him very good at farming and splitpush. Ling is also effective at killing forest creeps to increase his GPM.

7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends – HAYABUSA

7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends

Hayabusa who can wave clear and jungle clear very quickly makes him a very fast farmer. Besides that, it has a dash skill to very quickly move places making it quite agile when farming. Hayabusa also has a high burst to keep killing squishy heroes to get extra gold


7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends

Gusion apart from being an assassin can also fill a very strong role pusher and farmer. His Burst can finish the forest efficiently and deftly. Besides that, cleaning creeps is also not a problem because his damage burst can be used to clean creeps.

7 Best Farmer Heroes in Mobile Legends – PHARSA

Hero Pharsa Revamp Mobile Legends Buff New!

Pharsa’s S1 and S2 have a damage area that is useful when cleaning creeps. Besides that, it can turn into a bird and get MVSPD and pass through walls which is useful for rotating efficiently.

Those are the 7 best heroes in Mobile Legends who have the highest farm profits in the game. They are the best farmers who can increase their GPM very high and fast. Highly efficient in farming makes them good cores.

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With high GPM you can get very high gold benefits. With this you can use it to get items faster to close the game in the late game.

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