6 Ways to Make Kaja Even Fiercer in Teamfight!

Kaja’s main task is to kidnap enemy core heroes and force their teams to play 5v4 in teamfight. Because of his strength, Kaja can be regarded as the best kidnap hero at this time because it can consistently do it.

Here we will provide 7 tips and strategies for using Kaja in the Mobile Legends teamfight. As the best kidnap hero, Kaja must be used very efficiently and effectively.

Always start with kidnapping

When playing as Kaja, the thing you must always do in a team fight is to kidnap the opposing hero. This is very important because with your culik combo, Kaja can make teamfight easier because it will be 5v4. Always do this first.

Aims for Enemies Hero Core

In teamfight Kaja cannot just kidnap your opponents because you will need priority. Always kidnap marksman or opponent’s source of damage. This is necessary so that in the teamfight the enemy has no possibility of winning. Special case is you have to kidnap support, for example Carmilla.

Do Not Fail To Open The Teamfight

If you open a war by kidnapping, always remember don’t fail. This is because it can turn to you because Kaja must enter their team and then run away to the opponent. If you fail and die for nothing then your team will become 4v5 instead.

In Teamfight, You Assignment Is A Poker

If you have succeeded in kidnapping the opposing hero, your task is not yet finished. In teamfight you have to keep playing and become poker / zoner. The Kaja skill is very important both from passive and S1 because it can be deadly in teamfight.

Always Push The Enemy And Makes A Threat

Kaja’s Skill 1 and passive are AoE and are very deadly in teamfight. You have to be constantly behind your tank by giving high damage. Kaja has a DPS that is not so bad and can be troublesome to the enemy if not quickly removed.

Your Damage is Big, Used It

often underestimated because the damage is not so high, but remember that Kaja is not a hero burst. Kaja is a sustained DPS hero who must continue to deal damage to opponents. This must be utilized by surviving for as long as possible by continuing to inflict damage.

Those are 6 tips and strategies that you can do as Kaja in the Mobile Legends teamfight. Best hero of the moment, unfortunately you need high macro and micro skills to consistently and effectively use Kaja in teamfight.

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