6 Useful Items When Playing PUBG Mobile!

In the Battle Royale game, items and weapons are very important to use in the game. All items in the game have their respective functions and abilities. In battle royale games like PUBG, the items in this game are very different from other battle royale games. There are 6 useful items when playing PUBG Mobile that you should know!

Useful Items When Playing PUBG Mobile

Moreover, not all players know the usefulness of the items in the PUBG game. These players will only take items that they think are good and ignore items that they think are bad or useless. But all of that is wrong, we have some PUBG items that are rarely brought by the players but have very good uses.

6 Useful Items When Playing PUBG Mobile!

  1. Smoke Grenade

Useful Items When Playing PUBG Mobile

Smoke Grenade is one of the items that players rarely carry in the PUBG game. This grenade is rarely carried because this grenade does not have any damage at all. However, this grenade really helps you in the process of running away from enemies that you think are stronger or saving your teammates who are knocked out.

If you have pulled this grenade pin, the Smoke Grenade will have 7 seconds to release its Smoke. The smoke from this grenade has a duration of 40 seconds, so you can have a chance to escape safely.

  1. Stun Grenade

For a list of useful items when playing PUBG Mobile, the second is filled with Stun Grenades. Most of the players in the PUBG game rarely take this one item because of its difficult use. This Grenade has no damage to its attacks. But it’s great for creating a distraction for enemies. If you guys already pulled this pin grenade. The Stun Grenade will have 6 seconds to release a glare that can temporarily blind enemies for 10 seconds.

  1. Quickdraw Mag (All Types of Weapons)

This Quickdraw Attachment Magazine is included in the third list. The purpose of this item is to reduce the reloading time on the weapon you are using, because its function only reduces the reloading duration. Most players prefer regular Extended Bag items because they can add bullets to the weapons you use to finish off enemies easily.

  1. Holo Sight

A holographic scope is the fourth item that is rarely used. You can aim 20% faster when you are changing the scope function with this attachment.

This useful item when playing PUBG Mobile is rarely used because of the large frame that can cover your view, so this makes you less aware of the surrounding area.

  1. Bandage

This item is included in the fifth list of items that are rarely used. You can find this Bandage item in all areas in the PUBG game. This item takes 4 seconds to use. The heal effect generated from this item is 10% after 4 seconds. Can only be used until your blood reaches 75%. The reason this Bandage is rarely used by PUBG players is because the use of this item is done repeatedly and can take a long time while healing.

The players in the game prefer the First Aid Kid item, because it replenishes 75% of HP instantly and doesn’t take much time to use it.

  1. Shotgun Choke

The last item that is rarely used is the Choke Shotgun. This item can only be attached to a Shotgun type weapon and its function is so that the bullets released by the shotgun are not too spread out and are very helpful at the beginning of the game because you will find it easier to shoot the shotgun from a long distance than usual.

However, not too many players use this attachment. This is because most players use Shotguns only to finish off enemies who are close at hand and then replace other weapons.

Even though these items are rarely used, these items have their own advantages. And don’t forget to CHICKEN DINNER.

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