6 Most Pick Heroes in Mobile Legends at MPL Invitational, Are There Your Heroes?

The Mobie Legends Professional League Invitational 4 Nation Cup’s highest caste tournament presents RRQ Hoshi as the first winner. This match presents a row of favorites that are often used as a mainstay. So, this is Most Pick Hero Mobile Legends at MPL Invitational!

There are quite a lot of heroes in the Mobile Legends game, starting from fighter, tank, support, mage, marksman and assassin. But do you know what heroes have been played the most at the MPL Invitational?

Of course, there are rows of heroes who are the mainstay of pro players at the MPL Invitational. Recently, Moonton announced a row of Most Pick hero statistics by players during the MPL Invitational tournament.

During the MPL Invitational, there are quite a lot of meta heroes in it. Well of course, for you fans and watching in full in every match at the MPL Invitational, you will know the row of heroes.

Most Pick Hero Mobile Legends at the MPL Invitational

In the list of Most Pick heroes announced by Montoon, it is dominated by several offaner heroes in it. Not only that. The following heroes get banned quite often during the match.

So, here are the Most Pick heroes at the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup, which is a prestigious event for all Mobile Legends players.


There is a Uranus hero who is a Tank hero in Mobile Legends. Uranus himself is often played as a very strong offlaner.

Of course, almost every match you will be present in, if not, maybe this one hero will be banned.

How could he not, with his very high regan ability, Uranus became a very strong offlaner hero, Uranus was also very easy to clear waves to push lane alone.


The second hero is Atlas who is a very tough Tank hero. Atlas is a hero who has the best initiation skills, he can go offensive to defensive simultaneously.

Atlas has a hook skill that can be used to easily lure 5 enemies. This one hero is the most played hero during the MPL Invitational.


Offlaner is apparently a very dangerous role in the Mobile Legends game. One of the offaners is Esmeralda.

If not Uranus, his replacement is Esmeralda, the hero with the strongest shield ability becomes a very tough hero in every teamfight at the MPL Invitational.


Fourth, there is the Khufra hero who was the Most Pick at the MPL Invitational yesterday. This hero who has excellent ganking skills is a hero who is very relied on by pro players.

Khufra is a Tank hero who has the advantage of countering all enemies in the Mobile Legends game. With his skills, he is able to fight all the heroes that exist.



Thamuz is ML’s most pick fighter hero in the MPL Invitational tournament. Thamuz has enormous damage ability to very strong resistance.

One of the players who often use Thamuz is RRQ R7. Every time in the game he often relies on Thamuz as his offlaner hero.

Luo Yi

The last Most Pick Hero ML is the Luo Yi hero who is a fairly new mage hero in the Mobile Legends game.

Luo Yi has a very good ability to serve as support. This one hero is very helpful in following every teamfight at the MPL Invitational.

So, those are the Most Pick heroes in the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup. In the Most Pick heroes above, which one is your favorite hero to play in Mobile Legends?

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