6 Latest Free Fire Role For Booyah Squad FF Continue!

Playing games on Android, it will give a special impression that is quite interesting for all of us. So all of you also shouldn’t miss the Free Fire game, because this game is quite good and very interesting. Where for now, Free Fire is still the best Battle Royale game that you can play. This time we will discuss about the 6 newest Free Fire roles for Booyah Squad FF that you can play.

This free fire game will definitely have many very interesting latest updates. Even the current June 2020 Free Fire Update, has been leaked and there are so many. So of course this is one of the updates, with the most awaited possibility.

Because later you can also try and buy, a new character named Wolfrahh which is really cool. Where possible in the future, Wolfrahh would be a pretty good Meta. This has indeed been proven, because the Advanced server alone is OP.

Maybe in the future too, Garena will make some changes to this character. If you play the Free Fire game, of course you have to use a Role if you play with members or in Squad Mode.

By using this role, it will be easier for you to get Booyah. Because you have to understand more about Role in the Free Fire game. Intrigued by this? immediately refer to the article below.

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Some Information About Roles in Free Fire

  1. Tanks and Semi-Tanks

The strongest and hardest FF character in Free Fire

As we know, the Role Tank in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good with a very thick cellphone. Because it can help the Team to fight, even though they have to be in the frontmost defense. But have you ever tried, Semi Tank’s Role ability.

In this Role Problem, you have to play 2 ways at the same time. Where later all of you can become Support and Rush, now by doing these two things you will be able to protect the Team with Semi Tank Role Gameplay.

By using this role, the defense given in the Squad game is guaranteed to be stronger. We recommend choosing between tanks and semi tanks in squad free fire. Because if there are too many tanks, the damage is not too painful and also ineffective during the game

  1. Role Free Fire Flanker

Mandatory Free Fire Attachment

For the job of a Flanker, you can say, it’s easy – it’s easy, it’s easy. Where all of you will later, have to beat the enemy from behind quickly. Even in this role, you must be able to master the abilities of the Rusher free fire. When you play in this role, you have to know which gaps you can use to kill as many enemies as possible

This is because later you will find it easier to kill enemies in this Flank way. Even by becoming a Flanker, you can use Tips on Becoming an Assassin in Free Fire. So that later when you want to Flank, the enemy won’t find out.

  1. Semi Support

The DJ Alok FF character is used by a pro player, why?

Support is a pretty good role in the Free Fire game, especially if you play in Squad. With Support, you will basically be available about Items that help the flow of the match. Where, for example, such as Medic Kit or Gloo Wall items.

But for Semi Support, in fact it is very different from what is currently available. Semi Support you must be able to play with 2 Role Rusher and Support Abilities. But for Rusher, don’t be overly prioritized and try to be more support.

For this Rush, when there is an enemy trying to get close and you are trying to thwart the enemy’s plan. Semi support itself is devoted to a role rusher free fire assistant. Therefore, semi-support is not mandatory for recovering friends who are knocked out.

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  1. Rusher

How to Use Jota FF to be the Best Free Fire Killer!

So, for this role, it is only for a Rusher. As we know, Role Rusher free fire is one of the roles that must be played aggressively. With this way of playing, of course you can kill enemies quickly. Kalia can also be the person who provides information to your free fire squad when using this role.

But if you use this Role in a Squad, you must be able to use a suitable weapon as well. Don’t get wrong in choosing weapons, which later will make you lose quickly too.

  1. Support

Free Fire Role New Kappela Cantik Free Fire Character

Role Support is one of the most important, when you are playing with the Squad. This is because this support, at most, holds the task of giving items such as the Gloo Wall and also items such as the Medic Kit.

With these two items, all of you later, your HP will be more maintained and easier to avoid enemy attacks. Even for this Role Support, you can also take a lot of bullets so that later it can be given to other friends. In addition, recovering friends who have been knocked out is a top priority as support

  1. Role Free Fire Sniper (Sniper)

Free Fire Role

Lastly is the Sniper Role which is indeed important, when in Squad Free Fire Mode. The role of this Role is also quite important, because you have to be able to adapt to the surrounding area. Where you are watching the course of the battle and must always look at the map. This is because the sniper must have a wide and detailed perspective.

This role can also be combined with other roles, depending on the abilities you have. So that later on, all of you will definitely find it easier to defeat the enemy. But remember to be a leader, it takes a big responsibility.

So if you also become a Role Shot Caller, you shouldn’t be joking and still be serious when playing in the Squad.

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By knowing these free fire roles, surely you will find it easier to compete in Squad Free Fire Mode. In the future, Free Fire will definitely be even better with the update that will be coming in June 2020. Maybe the arrival of a new era, for Role in Free Fire.

Understand this so you can play better. Role is very important in Free Fire, especially when playing squad. With a good role division, your squad will be even more effective.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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