6 ingredients for ridicule for PUBG Mobile gamers with Free Fire, crazy baper!

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire battle royale style games are the most interesting choices this year. The interest of the gamers in these two games is also not small. Almost every month there are PUBG and Free Fire tournaments. Well, this time we will discuss the mockery that comes out between free fire and PUBG Mobile players

As we know, PUBG Mobile players rarely get along with Free Fire players. There is only material mockery between the two players of this game. Even though he meant to be joking, some of the ingredients for the ridicule were heartbroken.

It looks like these 6 ingredients of ridicule between PUBG Mobile gamers and Free Fire will continue to exist until the end of this year. Especially if you see that the fans of the two games are already at the fanatical level. Kuy checked the mockery of these two types of gamers.

Door Problems

The main mockery for PUBG Mobile gamers to Free Fire gamers is the existence of doors in the Free Fire game. Whereas at PUBG Mobile, it’s really easy to find the door. Sometimes the door even becomes part of the playing strategy.

Of course, this is the best material for ridicule to Free Fire gamers. Especially if you have to imagine an area of ​​the city that contains buildings and rooms everywhere, it turns out that there are no doors. Can you imagine?

Graphics that are not really!

One of the excellent features of PUBG Mobile is the graphics that are not tinny. Compare it with the standard Free Fire. Feel the difference. Of course, this is the next material for ridicule. PUBG Mobile gamers can really make this a mockery, please.

Due to graphic demands, PUBG Mobile asks for high enough smartphone specifications so that they can play PUBG Mobile without lag. Meanwhile, Free Fire can be played on smartphones with 1 GB of RAM.

This is the next material for ridicule. Smartphone-friendly Free Fire is definitely more likeable and doesn’t hurt when compared to PUBG Mobile. Weitss, but make no mistake, Free Fire this time also issued an official announcement that the game is developing in Ultra HD. The game is called free fire max 2020

Realistic Gameplay

PUBG Mobile tries its best to be close to reality. Included in the matter of player skills and collection items. Skills and items become the main focus of the character to increase his fighting ability.

Meanwhile, Free Fire even makes it unique in each free fire character and its items. This uniqueness is different from reality. For example, certain specific skills, skins, and certain items have certain and different effects on characters.

These two differences are a source of ridicule. For PUBG Mobile gamers, a good game is one that is close to reality. As for Free Fire gamers, a good game is one that is unique and requires more strategy.

Auto Aim

Free Fire has an auto aim feature in their gameplay. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile doesn’t have one. This difference is a source of ridicule.

For PUBG Mobile gamers, the auto aim feature actually spoils and doesn’t hone player skills. For PUBG Mobile gamers, the best games are those that are close to reality, which shoots based on the player’s skills.

Pet Falcon

In the beginning, pets in Free Fire became a source of ridicule for PUBG Mobile gamers. Because for PUBG Mobile gamers, it’s useless to bring pets into battle. Moreover, there is no significant effect on the battle.

Until finally PUBG Mobile implemented the falcon feature. Conceptually, the falcon feature is the same as the pet free fire feature. Of course, Free Fire gamers make this a mockery. For them, PUBG Mobile gamers are forced to lick their own saliva by the developer. This had caused a stir with some PUBG Mobile players themselves and no longer commented on the existence of pets in the game.

Size and FPS drop


Who doesn’t know pubg mobile gamers who require a higher size and also when played there is an FPS drop that interferes even though your smartphone has high specs. Well, this was made mockery by free fire players which was shown to pubg mobile players.

In the PUBG mobile game, often if you have done several wars or wars with a busy level, it will make the smartphone rendering high and FPS Drop. In contrast to free fire which has a light and fast rendering, thus minimizing the FPS drop

The material for ridicule between PUBG Mobile gamers and Free Fire, don’t be taken too seriously, huh. It’s not funny if there is a fight between PUBG Mobile gamers and Free Fire just because of game features.

It’s better if you just have an affair. Well, instead of fighting, especially now it’s not the time to fight, it’s just a matter of gaming like this. Peace, don’t bother bringing a sarong because of this game, it’s better to #stayathome first!

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