6 Important Things in the Latest FF Clash Squad Ranked Free Fire, Grab the Highest Rank!

Now there are lots of new features that you can try, in the Free Fire game. In fact, all of these things will become the best features that you can try. Of course for now in April, there are lots of new features that you can try and play. This time there are 6 Important Things in the Latest FF Clash Squad Ranked Free Fire that you should try on the latest update.

Because just on April 8, Garena free fire as the game publisher has done a massive maintenance free fire. With all the new features in the Advanced server, almost all of them were included in the update that day.

One of them is the newest Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire, of course this mode is different from the Battle Royal. Where you will fight 4 vs 4, and use Round and Money to buy weapons in this mode.

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Now for now, the Clash Squad Mode has got the Ranked version. So of course, there are many new things in this mode in the Free Fire game.

On this occasion we will also provide some interesting information about the Clash Squad Ranked Mode.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Interesting Facts on the Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

  1. Different Challenges

Of course in this mode, the challenges you get are different from the Battle Royal Mode. Because in the Clash Squad Ranked Mode, you will fight in a narrow map and the battle system is 4 vs 4.

Of course this way, you will face the enemy directly. So playing in this mode too, you have to be able to play well, of course.

  1. Latest Ranked Mode

If you play the ranked Battle Royale mode, of course the ranked system is Point. Even to move up the next rank, you have to win and later you will get points when playing in the ranked mode.

But if you are in the Clash Squad Ranked Mode, you must be able to win the match to get a star. Now the function of this star is so that you can go up to the next rank later. You could say, this Star Rank system is the same as Moba Games.

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  1. Buying and Not Seeking Looting

Another interesting thing in this Clash Squad Ranked Mode, you can buy looting items using money. Of course if you win, the money will increase and you can use it to buy loot.

So of course, you will have no more trouble looting in this game. Just kill the enemy and win, to be able to get money and buy looting items.

  1. Kill Many? No influence

If you are in the Battle Royale Ranked Mode, you have to kill as much as possible. So that the point rank you get to go up is even bigger.

But if you are in this mode, it has no effect on going up in rank. Because in this, you only need Booyah. You want to kill up to 50 too, you will only keep increasing 1 star if you win.

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  1. Done Faster

Usually, if you play in the ranked Battle Royale mode, you can spend up to 10 or 15 minutes. But if in this Clash Squad Ranked Mode, you only need to spend a very short time.

Even within 8 or 7 minutes, then of course the match could end immediately.

  1. Skill Playing in the Last Zone Will Be Tested

The point of this is your skills if you play in Battle Royale mode, there must be such a thing as the Last Zone right? Now that means your playing skills while in the Last Zone, will be tested in Clash Squad Ranked mode.

Because in this mode, the Zonan is quite narrow and almost the same as the Last Zone in Battle Royale mode. Of course the enemy, will be met more often.

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So, those are some interesting facts about the current Clash Squad Ranked Free Fire Mode. If you want to win quickly, it’s better to use the Best Assault Rifle, and don’t forget to Use the Best Free Fire Characters to win easily.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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