6 Favorite Heroes of Marsha in Mobile Legends (ML)

Marsha is one of the Mobile Legends players who formed Squad O2 before transforming into RRQ Hoshi. Marsha himself has tried out many Esports teams in Indonesia. You need to know that there are several of Marsha’s favorite heroes in Mobile Legends who become her mainstay when playing this game.

Marsha, or more familiarly known as Papi Ler, has ended his pro player career. Currently he is still playing Mobile Legends but only for Live streaming and creating content on YouTube. Marsha herself is also an important person in the GPX Mobile Legends squad.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the favorite hero of Marsha in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know which heroes are their mainstay in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

Here, Esportsku has made a list of heroes who are Marsha’s favorites and mainstays in Mobile Legends:

  • Aldous
  • Chou
  • Baxia
  • Franco
  • Ruby
  • Balmond

So that’s the favorite hero from Marsha who has recently been used by him when playing Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the heroes above, you can see them below!


Aldous is one of his favorite heroes in Mobile Legends. Marsha herself is what makes PAI quite popular, PAI itself is the Indonesian Aldous Association. When playing Aldous Marsha, he can collect the stack well and can easily lock the opponent’s core hero.


Chou is one of the fighter tank heroes who is also Marsha’s favorite in Mobile Legends. He can play Chou well and by using his combo skill Marsha can kill his opponent easily. Besides that he can also be a good initiator in a gameplay.


Baxia is a tank hero with anti-heal skills and a high level of durability in Mobile Legends. Baxia is Marsha’s favorite tank hero and when using this hero she can cover well. Baxia can also be the initiator to open war in a gameplay.


Franco is one of Marsha’s most favorite heroes. His hook skill is quite good and can annoy his opponent. Franco can also cover the core heroes of his team well.


Ruby has good lifesteal skills and is also equipped with crowd control skills. Ruby is Marsha’s favorite offlaner hero in Mobile Legends. This hero can be put to good use and can make his team excel when a team fight occurs.


After getting a buff, Balmond became one of the most popular heroes for Mobile Legends players. This hero has great true damage from his ultimate skill and is suitable for being an offlaner because it is quite strong. Balmond himself is also suitable for team fight in a gameplay.

So that’s an explanation of the favorite hero Marsha in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. The heroes above are indeed Marsha’s mainstay when playing Mobile Legend!

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