6 Best Free Fire Cars for FF 2021 Players!

There are 6 Best Free Fire Cars for FF 2020 Players that you can use. This is because in this Free Fire game, there are various interesting features that you can use. Whether it’s in a match or when you want to get a Skin. The features in this match are quite a lot, one of the things that helps you the most to move places is a vehicle / car.

In this game, there are many types of the best ff cars that you can use. Each of these vehicles also has different abilities, both in terms of driving speed and also the defense provided by the vehicle.

Of course, each of the best ff cars that we will mention is unique.

You can use a vehicle as a killing tool or protect yourself. With this feature, of course it can help players to be even better at playing.

On this occasion we will provide some recommendations for the Best Free Fire Cars at high speed for all of you.

Of course, this ff best car will help you, when you want to escape from an enemy chase or find a new place.

Here are the best Free Fire (FF) cars today:

1. Gold Lamborghini

Leaked Skin FF Lamborghini Gold Free Fire 2020 Car!

The first best Free Fire car with unmatched speed was the Lamborghini. When you use this vehicle, the speed in moving will be lightning fast. Lamborghini is a vehicle that is often used by many players.

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So this is the first place on our list of the best FF cars. Apart from having high speed, this vehicle is able to easily protect the rider from enemy attacks.

2. Best Amphibious FF Car

6 Best Free Fire Cars for FF 2020 Players

The next vehicle that you can use is Amphibi, this car you can use even on land and water. Even though it has a large body, you shouldn’t underestimate the speed of this vehicle.

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The defense of this vehicle is also very large, so it can protect the driver even when getting off the vehicle. This is because the body of an Amphibious Vehicle is bigger for a vehicle that can be found easily.

3. Bajaj or Tuk-Tuk Cars

The next best FF car that can protect you and have high speed is Bajaj. This vehicle has a cover in front, so that the attacks the enemy will give do not directly hit those of you who are driving.

In addition, this Best FF Car doesn’t make a loud enough sound. So that you can use it to ambush enemies in the house. With a sound that is not too noisy, the enemy will not easily know your position when using this vehicle.

4. The Best Free Fire Monster Truck

Slaughter the enemies of Free Fire with Monster Truck FF

Who doesn’t know this car ?. Free fire players can destroy the enemies in front of you using this car. With just one hit, your enemies will fall just like that.

Especially if you are a rusher, this mobile fits perfectly with your game pattern. Besides being able to destroy anyone in front of you, this car has a high defense.

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Unfortunately, this monster truck can rarely be found on the map. This is because you can only get this car at Air Drop free fire. So, when you see this car, you immediately grab this monster truck.

5. BEST CAR Blue FF / 2002 Dodge Ram

Blue Free Fire Car

Best FF car 2002 Dodge Ram which has another name as blue car. This is because most of the paint on this car is blue. S

In addition, this Best Free Fire Car is a very agile car when you drive it. The speed that can be maximized can even exceed lamborgini when the road is uphill and this is to your advantage when taking ff looting.

Even though the appearance of the Best Free Fire Car is ordinary, you don’t need to hesitate. This is because this blue car has a high defense against enemy attacks.

However, you also have to be vigilant and don’t just give up when your enemies are showered with bullets. Because it could be that at any time this Best FF Car explodes and kills you yourself

6. Jeep’s Best Free Fire Car

6 Best Free Fire Cars for FF 2020 Players

The last best Free Fire car that can provide high defense and speed is a Jeep. As we all know, this vehicle is one of the most well-known military Mobile. You shouldn’t underestimate the strength and speed of this vehicle.

Jeeps are arguably more difficult to destroy, compared to other vehicles. This is what makes Jeep vehicles more durable, especially if they are used to protect the team in a state of war.

So, those are some of the best ff cars that have high defense and high speed.

How? Which vehicle did you often use in these matches?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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