5 worst low tier heroes in Mobile Legends, high ML ranks are rarely used

We have talked about the 5 best heroes in the legends and mythic ranks. Now we are going to talk about the 5 worst low tier heroes in Mobile Legends that you cannot use when the rank is high. This means that players can replace heroes with other mobile legends and avoid using this hero when entering a high rank.

The heroes here are not bad, but it is very disappointing if we compare it to other heroes in their mobile legends role. These heroes are fairly weak and easily overcome by experienced players and are only effective at low ranks.

If you plan to play solo rank queue in Mobile Legends, you should avoid these heroes because they are very weak and can be overcome easily.

If you are curious about the 5 worst heroes, we have prepared a list of them below for you to judge for yourself.


Alucard is a hero who is not bad at all, only has no advantage at all. He is not very tanky, does not have high damage, and is also easily countered. Alucard can only take advantage of his high lifesteal and also himself which is difficult to kite by the enemy. In high rank, Alucard often becomes a burden because even one anti-heal item has countered him.


As a tanker Hilda was in a very strange position. Even though it has a role tank, it is not that thick and has stronger sustain compared to other tankers. Besides that, he is not useful as a team hero because Hilda is a hero who focuses on the offensive. This strange hero is not very effective at high rank because it is easy to counter and outplay.


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Often times being a load hero and feeder is not without reason. Miya if we compare it to the best marksman in Mobile Legends like Granger, Karrie, Bruno, Kimmy, and others, it is clear that this hero is very bad. Lack of mobility, weak escape skills, and not being able to do solo kills are the main reasons. Her damage isn’t too high either because Miya has bad scaling.


It is easy to describe Saber, he is a “half-hearted” hero. Saber is a strange assassin hero. As a farming assassin, his speed is very slow and also does not have very high damage. It’s even useless using Saber if Hayabusa, WanWan, Hanzo, or even Lancelot are the better assassins.


Argus is a very deadly hero at the lower ranks, but not so in the big ranks. Even though it has high damage and ulti which makes it difficult to die, the solution against Argus is quite easy because he is easy to counter. Argus is easy to lock and lock, this is very fatal because in a high rank coordination and also very high player skills make Argus just like a dead hero.

Those are the 5 bad heroes who are in the lower tier of Mobile Legends. These heroes are not very suitable for use in high ranks for several reasons such as being easy to counter until there are heroes who are better than them.

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