5 Weaknesses of Dr Mundo LoL Wild Rift

The difficulties against Mundo must be familiar. This champion is really terrible because the lane is very durable, it is difficult to win the trade against him. In the mid game and late game, he is also very difficult to fight because he can withstand a lot of damage while dealing high damage.

Even though Mundo is quite difficult to fight, it doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated. Actually, his weakness is quite fatal. Mundo is a fairly straightforward champion, nothing special about him. But because this is what makes it strong but on the other hand easy on the counter too.

For those of you who are curious about how the Mundo counter in Wild Rift is, you can keep reading down. As a tanky champion and quite difficult to penetrate, Mundo doesn’t seem to be that bothered.

  1. Kite
  2. Anti heal
  3. Poke
  4. Sustain damage
  5. In the late game it is less useful

Even though Mundo is arguably a strong bully lane with his sustain, throughout the game he is not very consistent, especially in the late game. His early and mid game power spikes make him less popular, especially the scaling Baron laner is very popular.


Mundo is a very bold champion, but it does sacrifice its mobility and CC. Mundo is easy to kite, especially with dash champions like Vayne or Ezreal. Even though it is slow, this skillshot makes it inconsistent. Olaf has even better similar skills.

Anti heal

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What makes Mundo thick is his HP + and also his rege. This makes Mundo easy on the counter. Himself even in the early game if it is immediately countered with anti heal it will feel completely useless. Don’t forget to buy anti-heal items like Mortal Reminder, Thorn, or Morel to fight Mundo.


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Not having consistent mobility or poke, Mundo is easy to poke too, especially in the laning phase. Against Vayne or Fiora it will be a hassle for Mundo. Even though Mundo has a high regen, the constant poke will get him into trouble, this is good enough to fight Mundo.

Sustain damage

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It is quite thick and has high regen, but Mundo has a limit too. Mundo is very weak if you keep attacking him, but remember don’t focus on him during teamfight. Mundu is very weak if it is continuously attacked without stopping because it will start to be felt later.

In the late game it is less useful

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This is important for you to remember because in the late game Mundo was less significant. This is because the Mundo build, which usually focuses on damage, makes it less strong. But make no mistake because in the late game he is very thick, but your focus is still the source of damage to the opposing team.

Those are the 5 weaknesses of Dr Mundo Wild Rift that you can use to your advantage. The most important thing is not to be reckless against Mundo because he can easily turn things around.

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