5 Ways to Predict Enemies in Free Fire, Become Pro FF!

You have to try the best FF enemy prediction in Free Fire, of course this is one of the best FF players can feel later too. Because of that, of course, you will never be bored to wear things like this too. Because by knowing the enemy’s free fire prediction, of course we will find it easier to kill the enemy later.

Don’t forget that, for example, nowadays, the enemy in the Free Fire game has a unique way of playing. You have to understand that so that later, it can be easier to play. Also use the Best Characters Season 17 Free Fire, so that it is even easier to win and you can try these tips in a fairly easy way.

Maybe you want to try, how to easily predict the enemy. We’ll just see the explanation, in the article below right now.

1. Using Ultra Graphics (If Strong)

If you want to predict the enemy’s arrival, of course the view we see will also have to become better and clearer later. Don’t forget to put up a high graphic, because this will make it easier for you to predict the movements of the existing enemies.

But we recommend it for the strong, because ultra graphics can make your cellphone lag if for example 1GB Ram goes down too.

2. How to Predict the Enemy by Utilizing FF Scanner Loadout

Then you can use one of the Best Free Fire Loadouts, this is one that can show the enemy’s position in the match. The enemy will become more visible, the moment you get off the plane. You could say, we can only use these items when we get off the plane.

Don’t forget to immediately memorize where the enemy’s position is, this way you can of course make it easier to predict where the enemy will move.

3. Hear Their Steps

If you play the Free Fire game, you must also be able to take advantage of what is called Hearing. Because this is indeed quite important for us to be able to use, in knowing or predicting the movements of enemies who are near us later as well.

If you want to be clearer, try to use earphones when you are playing later. That way you will find it easier, to be able to know the sound of the enemy’s step.

4. How to Predict Free Fire’s Enemies by Immediately Respond When Attacked

When you are shot by an enemy, try to immediately respond and see the direction of the enemy’s shot. Because things like this are very important for us to do, so that later you won’t make mistakes to make the enemy run away too.

Predicting enemy movements or locations this way, so one of the best things to try. But be careful if you have been attacked, because you must be able to immediately know where the enemy’s location is.

5. Pay attention to the Mini Map

Finally, you have to be able to continue to pay attention to the Mini Map, so that later you can know where the enemy is going. You must also know the function of the Mini Map Free Fire right now, so that later it will be even easier to compete against enemies in the future.

Don’t miss this, because the Mini Map can provide the location of enemies who are shooting or passing vehicles. So things like this, don’t be missed by you later.

The skills above are indeed difficult to learn and understand from theory alone. The very important thing for you to do is to keep playing. Later your muscle memory and macro / micro skills will run on their own.

Predicting enemy movements is one of the best things, because it will keep you safe. Can survive or want to fight too, is not a big problem. Of course, with that, don’t forget, to know how to predict like this, huh.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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