5 Ways to Choose Call Of Duty Warzone 2020 Weapons

As a newcomer to the game in the battle royale genre to fight PUBG and Fortnite, Warzone is a game that really grabs a lot of attention. Warzone itself, which is relatively new in the market, certainly has a lot of difficulties for beginners who want to try to play. There are 5 ways to choose Call Of Duty Warzone 2020 weapons that you can do.

With so many weapons and effective playing styles in Warzone, here we will provide some tips about weapons for you to use. As an FPS game, weapons are definitely the most important factor with strategy and skills. Not only that, weapons in Warzone can also be equipped with attachments that make the weapons even more powerful.

As a multiplayer game with many players, the developer certainly provides many choices for many different player playing styles. Can be found via loot throughout the map, weapons in Warzone can also be purchased at Buy Station.


In the Warzone game, it is the same as other battle royale games where players have HP and Armor systems, these two factors will be the main factors for survival. With a large selection of weapons with different stats and DPS, finding the best one is your main key.

Therefore, look for weapons with the highest DPS or the highest single shot damage if you are playing sniper or DMR. With high DPS guns the time to kill or commit down against enemies will be shorter than low DPS weapons. Effectiveness is the main key that is important.


If we talk about damage or DPS, it’s useless if you use what you can’t hold and adjust the recoil and accuracy. Therefore, look for weapons with good recoil and accuracy, in addition to DPS of course.

With a stat recoil weapon and good accuracy, you will find it easier to land bullets more effectively than high DPS weapons but you miss a lot of bullets when fired.


DPS is good, recoil is easy to set up, and accuracy is okay, all of that is useless if the weapon is very difficult to access, especially for new players. Therefore, look for weapons that can be used easily and have broad access by new players.

It’s useless to use it if the weapon takes a lot of time and the attachments are hard to reach if you take the time to grinding weapons and their attachments.


Apart from access, attachments of weapons are another important thing. With weapon attachments that may be difficult to use or less good, it will be stronger to use by many players.

Look for references or just watch streamers or pro players often or just read the guide for suitable attachments.


Limited weapon slots will force you to use suitable weapons. One important factor is how the weapon can fill the suitable situation. An example is the sniper, this weapon that has high damage and accuracy is very strong to use at long range, but less powerful at close range. Look for other weapons that can fill your lack of other slot weapons.

Those are some tips regarding the weapons you are looking for and use in Call of Duty: Warzone. The important thing is to use a weapon that is suitable for you and comfortable to use.

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