5 Unreal Engine Facts Towards Release in 2021, Graphics Competing with Hollywood Movies!

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has released an announcement about their new engine. The engine is called Unreal Engine 5. The fun part is that this engine has been watched. The result is a really sophisticated visual. This time we have the facts about Unreal Engine 5 coming to release later.

Unreal Engine 5 itself will only be released in 2021. This means that it still takes a few more months to experience this engine directly. But from the release of the announcement, you can see how cool the Epic Games engine is. Check the video first, deh:

To further complement your curiosity, check 5 facts about Unreal Engine 5 towards its release in 2021. So that when it’s released, you won’t be surprised by the games made by the Epic Games engine. Because there will be a huge leap in terms of game graphics, here.

CGI rival Hollywood films

Epic Games states that their engine aims to get closer to the point of photorealism. In the film world, CGI technology is exactly the same. If you’ve seen how cool CGI technology is in Hollywood films, Unreal Engine 5 was created to compete with that technology.

So, you can expect a lot of game visuals in 2021 to be like watching Hollywood films.

Developer friendly

Epic Games provides various facilities for developers who want to make the latest Epic Games engine. With stunning graphics, games made with this engine are sure to be interesting. This is definitely an attraction for developers.

There is also a special feature for developers, namely cross-platform. This feature is intended so that developers of various classes can participate in developing games on various types of platforms. Apart from that, there are also royalty-free and free-to-use features for developers.

So developers can use Unreal Engine 5 for free to make games. If the game has been commercialized, Epic Games will only ask for royalties. The percentage and royalty provisions are lighter for developers.

So, those who use this new engine can be indie class developers to AAA class developers.

Dreams tries to compete

Comments and responses from Unreal Engine 5’s first look were positive. Yes, who is not amazed by the graphic appearance. Moreover, Fortnite will be moved to Unreal Engine 5 in 2021. Enthusiasm about this engine is getting worse.

But someone has tried to compete with Unreal Engine 5 graphics. The animator is named Martin Nebelong. He tries to make the same graphics as the demo release of Unreal Engine 5. The graphics are made on the Dream engine for PS4. The results can be seen in this video:

Just waiting for the Unity user to give me a video of the competition, here.

Release 2021

Unreal Engine 5 is planned for release in 2021. The schedule is divided into two. The first schedule is the release of a preview version. After that, the full version will continue. Unfortunately, the exact release date for each schedule is not yet known. Can only wait, here

Fortnite will migrate to Unreal Engine 5

The game made by Epic Games, Fortnite, is rumored to be one of the games that will migrate to Engine Unreal 5. Migration and its results can be felt in 2021. So, get ready to wait for the results of the Unreal 5 Engine in 2021.

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